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  2. Bane and company knock off Steph and Golden State to clinch the 8 seed and make the playoffs.
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  3. Bane beats the 3rd quarter buzzer for upset minded Grizz....and then let’s the Jazz know about it!
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  5. Specifically it was Niang (former Iowa St player) from the Jazz who he let know about it. Maybe they have something going back to their college days, not sure.

    Niang actually got a tech for whatever he said to Bane there.
  6. Last night the score was tied with 3 minutes to go. Bane was subbed out, and Memphis fell apart.
  7. That was collapse of epic proportions. Battled back and then folded the tent down the stretch. I know Brooks is a really good player but he missed quite a few threes down the stretch. Would love to have seen Bane get some of those attempts. The issue is Brooks is a much better scorer than Bane everywhere else on the court so he is going to get the minutes. Also, the kid from Duke has a killer game as well.
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  8. Based on his history here and what he's doing against every night elevated competition, I would say............it's mostly coaching, which for us Frogs is worrisome.
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  9. How do you get to that conclusion? He was a Dixon recruit who was a leader on the team almost from day one and ended up a first round draft pick. So Dixon coached him down?
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