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  1. 16 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists tonight!
  2. Kenny Hustle put up 19 for the Thunder tonight. Great game off the bench!
  3. Bane got the start tonight. 11 points halfway through the 4th. 3-5 from 3.
  4. Damn he is out tonight vs the Lake Show. Didn’t make the trip?
  5. While Kenrich didn’t score much he filled the stat sheet with 7 pts 11 reb and 9 asst. Very Kenny Hustle type box score.
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  6. His great-grandmother who raised him died. Home for the funeral.
  7. Bane was back in the line up and scored 10. That is double digit points in 10 of his last 11 games.
  8. Bane with 15 on 6-7 shooting and 7 rebounds. He is the 9th leading scorer among rookies.
  9. Bane is built like a linebacker. Huge guns for a basketball player.
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  10. Bane with a career high 20 tonight!
  11. 22 for Bane tonight!
  12. And almost no one defends the 3 well in the NBA because it takes effort - so given he has more open shots, not surprised he is performing well

    great for him- he stuck it out and worked his craft at TCU before taking it to the League
  13. 22 in back to back games. This dude needs some more minutes!
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  14. He's getting them while crybaby Grayson Allen is sitting...I expect the Grizz to move on from Allen next year and start Bane.
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  15. Would be nice. Allen at least stats wise has been pretty similar although not as efficient as Bane. I haven't watched too many games though

    G Pts FG FG% 3P% FT% OReb DReb Reb Ast Stl TO PF
    [​IMG]Grayson Allen3•G
    50 10.6 3.5 41.8% 39.1% 86.8% 0.4 2.8 3.2 2.2 0.9 1 1.4
    [​IMG]Desmond Bane22•G
    61 9.4 3.5 47.6% 44.8% 82.6% 0.5 2.7 3.2 1.7 0.6 0.9 2
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  16. He was second on minutes last night, had the game clinching three pointer and a key assist in the last minute.
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