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Baldwin retiring

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. damn covid
  2. Looks like Max it is...
  3. do we have any idea how healthy eli williams is coming off his surgery last fall?
  4. Who is our backup?
  5. on paper the frogs have 3 scholarship quarterbacks:

    stephon brown (juco signee)
    eli williams (hs signee recovering from reconstructiive surgery last fall)

    you also have on the roster transfer walk on matthew downing who was a walk on at georgia who transferred and a few other walk on's who either transferred in or came straight from high school

    you do have a few options in the transfer portal who are immediately eligible, but i would guess the biggest challenge there will be if a guy is willing to be the back up or wants to compete for playing time
  6. Downing is probably going to be put on scholarship and be the back up when camp starts
  7. Eli is 8 months post surgery so he’ll probably be ready to practice come August. Lot of smoke that he will compete at QB but eventually end of a TE
  8. Chatter around the team since spring is that Downing is almost certain to be the #2 behind Duggan. Coaches love him.
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  9. Our QB situation has been a cluster since Kenny Hill graduated
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Best of luck to you Matthew. Thanks for choosing TCU.
  12. I hope that Downing's uniform number is changed to 10. If it is, I will refer to him as the "Prime Minister."
  13. This is an incredible observation.
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  14. Downing is already been on scholarship starting this Spring if what I was told is correct and is #2 and is legit. He went to a high school power in Georgia and played as a true freshman at the University of Georgia.

    I wonder if Baldwin's scholarship is going to go to that 5'9" Nebraska wide receiver transfer that was on the Biletnikoff watch list the last two seasons. We could use another Turpin.
  15. next crutch up.
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  16. Good thing he got that immediate eligibility last season from the NCAA
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    Stephon Brown has been on campus less than 20 days but don't count him out. A rocky start at Appalachian State but had a tremendous JUCO year at Independence. 6-5/220 and runs very well (threw for 1,430 yards with 16 TDs and ran for 546 yards and 7 TDs). In high school he accounted for over 100 TDs as a QB.

    For most of his HS years people have been saying Eli Williams will be a TE instead of a QB. TCU, Tech and Kansas State offered him as a QB but rumors have persisted. He is a good runner and has a strong arm but as a pure passer he is lacking and needs development. However he is a playmaker. 6-5/220 but top end speed is not quite what you want from a receiver.

    Matthew Downing was listed as 5-11/180 in high school which limited his offers, Montana State and Illinois State being his top choices. Walked on at Georgia and appeared in 4 games, preserving his RS season. He was 8 or 10 for 88 yards in those games. Currently listed at 6-0/205.

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  18. I like the JUCO guys film looks good and so does the freshman’s. I think we are okay at qb. If Downing ends up number two, that would be impressive because the other two look very talented.
  19. not sure if less than a 150 yards passing a game and roughly 200 yards a game would qualify as a terrific season

    no doubt he is a great physical talent, but with little time in the system he sure seems a bit raw if something were to happen to max

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