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As I stated MARCEL BROOKS is SS not LB (he is running 3rd string at LB)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. MARCEL BROOKS is now running 3rd string at LB and now Coaches are desperately trying to find a place to put him but DE aint gonna work Susie !!

    Seriously TCU is going to put a 200 lb safety at DE ? I understand he will be a 3rd string backup reserve DE and only come into the game in special situations (like obvious passing down) but if was opposing Coach and I saw TCU put a 200 sugar wafer in at DE I would audible to a running play and run the ball on a sweep right at the little 200 pound wafer and flatten him for a big gain.

    By Clark's own admission BROOKS isn't doing well at LB so they had to put him at DE. If you think a 203 pound DE is going to work in the Big 12 you still probably believe in the Easter Bunny too. If TCU is dumb enough to put him at DE, all OU, OSU, IOWA ST, UT and BAYLOR have to do is run sweeps right at him with 320 pound OTs blocking him at DE and they will flatten him (which is the exact same issue they had with him at LSU when they tried him at DE there) (and it failed). At LSU he wasn't big enough for LB either.

    He is a SS all the way. The sooner the Coaches realize it the better. He can be a great SS which is why he transferred in the first place. It will be utterly laughable to see a 2oo pound guy at DE. He aint a DE !!
    Why the Coaches are resisting putting him at SS is probably the same reason Patterson never goes for it on 4th and 1 (and punts instead every time to the huge frustration of fans) and the same reason other teams can always pull down the pants of TCU on fake punts every single year (stubbornness of Patterson even when things aint workin and other team is owning you). Brooks is FOR SURE not a DE !!!!

    Currently here is the LB and DE depth chart:

    WALLOW (starter)
    Harris (2nd string)
    Marchese (3rd string)

    WINTERS (starter)
    Hodge (2nd string)
    Wilson (tied for 3rd string with Brooks)
    Brooks (tied for 3rd string with Wilson and as of now Wilson has a slight edge for 3rd string)

    MATHIS (starter)
    Jackson (2nd string)
    Horton (tied for 3rd string with Brooks and Horton at 245 lbs is likely the 3rd stringer)
    Brooks (tied for 3rd string with Horton)

    ELLISON (starter)
    Bowen (2nd string)
    Workman (3rd string)
    Armstrong (4th string)

    (still a wide open competition with VanZandt and Bradford - Brooks would have a real shot here to start)

    VANZANDT or BRADFORD or BROOKS (starter)
    Vanzandt or Bradford (2nd string)
    ObiWanKonobee (3rd string)

    MOEHRIG (starter)
    J/Foster (2nd string)
    Collins (3rd string)

    WASHINGTON (starter)
    McCuin (2nd string)
    Vongor (3rd string)
    B/Clark (4th string)

    (from your own little Messiah Jeremy Clark who is now confirming what I said 2 months ago about BROOKS)

    Dee Winters | LB | Sophomore

    When the Frogs signed Jamoi Hodge in their 2020 recruiting class, Patterson stated he may have a chance to redshirt Winters and fellow linebacker Wyatt Harris. Winters had other plans as he’s emerged as one of the top two SAM linebackers at the moment. In fact, Winters is drawing most of the first-team reps ahead of Hodge. Hodge is #2. Winters is now up to 223-pounds but has kept his speed. Although the battle is still ongoing, Winters has made an impression this camp.

    wyatt Harris
    As mentioned with Winters, Harris was somewhat of a forgotten linebacker heading into fall camp. After the Frogs added Marcel Brooks, many wondered if Harris would see the field. Harris has proven doubters wrong as he’s had a great fall camp and is currently 2nd string backing up Garret Wallow, who no one will beat out. Harris missed a few practices but it doesn’t appear to have hurt him at all. He’s regarded as one of the smartest linebackers in the group along with Wallow.

    Terrell Cooper | DT | Senior

    No Ross Blacklock, no problem. Cooper has been in this situation before when he was asked to step up. He did so in 2018 when Blacklock was lost for the season due to injury. In fall camp, sources have told HFB that Cooper has looked the best among the defensive tackles. Patterson himself said Cooper has had a great camp. The Frogs need to be able to stop the run once again in 2020 and if Cooper is playing anywhere close to what some are saying, the Frogs will be in good shape.

    Marcel Brooks | DE/LB | Sophomore

    Everyone knows Brooks is an athletic freak and will make big plays in his TCU career. Although things haven’t been exactly great at linebacker, where he’s still learning the defense, Brooks has done very well as backup defensive end. Although he’s not your prototypical defensive end, Brooks’ speed and quickness has helped him win battle after battle since joining the team. That is the role TCU fans should expect to see this season, especially in the early part…him going after the quarterback.
  2. You got any pictures of Susie? She sounds hot.
  3. Only thing that concerns me with your info is the possibility of needing help with the pass rush.
  4. Heard he is doing well getting to the QB. Can’t wait to see him torturing OTs. Glad I didn’t read all that because last time I did I was told Brook was already the starting SS. But I’m just a silly macaroony
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  5. Guessing based on the TLTR commentary - he will lead the country in sacks and tackles for a lose this year ...
  6. That's the ONLY thing?
  7. The Easter Bunny isn’t real? [ What the heck? ]?
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  8. You don’t need to write a novel. Just make your point and move on.
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  9. If you think a pulling OT can even get a hand on MB rushing off the edge, you must believe in the tooth fairy...
  10. I’d this guy DOUBLE V for real ? Is this a real poster or somebody playing a joke ? Nobody could possibly be this stupid (except OmniscienceFrog and MoosePoop of course).

    This Macaroon actually believes that size doesn’t matter at DE as long as you are elusive ?

    So using your logic Mr DoubleSheepDip, since size doesn’t matter and elusiveness a speed does - then Darius Davis (5’9 - 170 lbs) is even more elusive than BROOKS it would be even better at DE than BROOKS.

    Also it is a FACT that LJ COLLIER (NFL #1 draft choice and starting DE for SeaHawks) is nowhere near as elusive as BROOKS and has nowhere near the speed of BROOKS so he must be a terrible DE. COLIIER weighs 275 lbs and is downright slow compared to BROOKS. Using your retarded logic BROOKS at 200 lbs would be better as an NFL DE.

    Gotta have lots and lots of size to play any position on DLine !! 250 lbs for DEs is considered a minimum weight for a upper level P5 DE (even Patterson has stated he doesn’t like “little 235 lb DEs”).

    You need to explain in detail your cracked theories to LSU and CLEMSON and ALABAMA. They have had the most DEs drafted into NFL the last 5 years. Apparently you are smarter than them and they are stupid because here are their DEs sizes -

    DERON CHERRY (projected as NFL #1 draft pick) - 6’3” / 280lbs
    NEIL FARRELL (projected as 2nd Rd NFL draft choice) - 6’5” / 300 lbs

    LT IKNER (junior)
    6’5” / 270 lbs
    JUSTIN EBOIGBE (junior)
    6’5” / 280 lbs

    MYLES MURPHY (soph)
    6’5” / 275
    GREG WILLIAMS (soph)
    6’4” / 265

    DobleSheepDip - you need to call BAMA and CLEM and LSU and tell them they are doing it all wrong and they need to put a pipsqweek 200 pounder who can dodge and weave and run out of the way really quick - at DE !

    Good Grief is this DoubleDipStick guy for real ? Wow ! Just what we want at TCU......defensive players who get out of the way really quick. HILARIOUS !!

  11. Maybe you didn’t realize but if you watch the plays at the link below, you’ll see that he was playing DE on most snaps as a freshman at LSU. Some consider the SEC a stronger, more physical conference than the big 12 and he seemed to handle himself okay. Thought you’d like to know so you could stop making an even bigger assho of yourself. You’re welcome.
  12. Why make your point in a few sentences when you can make it in 10 paragraphs?
  13. A few posters in the past have theorized that WyomingFrog might not actually be a troll but instead someone “on the spectrum” with extreme obsession compulsion.
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  14. I don’t come here very often so didn’t know the back story. If that is the case, I apologize for the joke. I have a kiddo with some similar issues so I can certainly resonate.
  15. And.......you........Mr P.O......are every bit uninformed and butt-stupid as your numbnut uninformed buddy.

    Please stop making yourself look like such an uninformed assho. It would be appreciated by everyone here !! Geez !!

    LSU Coach Dave ARANDA told BROOKS in no uncertain terms at end of last season, he would not be at DE any longer for next year (this yr) and if he didn’t gain weight he wouldn’t be at LB either. ARANDA was the DC. So........BROOKS left. He and ARANDA didn’t get along and new DC was no nicer to him.

    You do realize he only got one sack all year right ?

    You also realize he got a grand total of 8 tackles all year right ? And - ZERO - tackles for a loss. Almost all his 8 tackles were well downfield after a big gainer by opposition and he was the chaser.

    You also saw the tapes of him getting consistently flattened on running plays right ? The coaches knew he could only go onto field on passing plays and even then he was a big risk due to his small size. Which is why LSU DC had a chat with him. Or did you just see the - ONE - highlight of his - ONE - sack vs Florida ? He got that - ONE - sack early in season and no more for next 10 games. In fact he played less and less as season went on.

    I’m not knocking him. I like him a lot. He has good potential. But he ain’t a DE. He is a safety.

    Now give us another of your assho posts ? For you to think he did great at LSU at DE is just laughable !! No way LSU would have put him there again this season.

    Geez where do we get such uninformed Macaroons ??

  16. I thought you said if he played DE or LB he would transfer again? Those are the only two positions he is working at so I guess maybe you don’t know as much as you think you know. Go away
  17. Wrong again !! It was stated earlier this year that he had worked at - THREE - positions. So once again....you are an uninformed MACAROON !! How many times can one dunce be wrong in just one thread ? Geeez !

    And...he is running 3rd string at DE and 3rd string at LB when he played there (and even Jeremy Clark said his LB experiment wasn't going well).

    If....he does play DE he is currently slated only to come into game on obvious pass plays (10% of the total game time), which to me is a big waste of a great talent),

    If he plays Strong safety he will be on the field for 100% of the defense time on field, which is the proper use of a great talent in my view.

    Please go away. You embarrass yourself with every ignorant post you make. We all thank you for leaving !! Thanks in advance.

    Bye Toots !

  18. For the love of god, this asshat is NOT on the spectrum. I mean unless there's an asshat spectrum.
  19. Show me where I said size doesn't matter. I'll wait.
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