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AP: Baylor seeking offensive identity with defensive TCU in Waco

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  1. Baylor seeking offensive identity with defensive TCU in Waco


    Baylor is still trying to figure out its identity on offense, a difficult task with a new coach in an uneven season interrupted by the pandemic.

    The Bears are playing their first home game in more than a month, and their first game in three weeks, after a week-long pause of activity and the postponement of another game because of positive COVID-19 cases. They host instate Big 12 rival and defensive-minded TCU on Saturday.

    “We haven’t had all our guys, so it’s been kind of hard, because if you can’t do it in practice, how are you supposed to do it in the game?,” receiver R.J Sneed said. “Because we have all of our O-line, receivers, quarterbacks, I believe this week will be the week. As long as we get the time and the timing down with the QBs, I think we’ll be able to throw some deep balls this week.”

    Read more at https://www.heraldonline.com/news/article246818452.html
  2. Defensive TCU?!

    They're 1-3.................... the Defense ain't that good!!
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