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Anyone Catch the GP quote about the offense?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, May 3, 2019.

  1. It’s the off season so...

    On the Big12 Spring call GP was quoted as saying that they worked hard at simplifying all the offensive play calls so the offense could play faster....

    I’m not sure what to think of this. Simplifying the play calling is a good idea....Doing so because they want to play faster I’m not thrilled about. We have had the debate around here a million times, but playing slower seems to help the defense get adequate rest for the 4th Qr and by playing slower it seems easier to line up properly and execute. Ideally we would be good enough to mix up the hyper and the creeping but I doubt we can pull that off

    Last year we looked frantic just trying to lineup. Heaven help us if we have to watch whole series that last a minute and a half.
  2. Art Briles looked like an offensive genius out there during his couple glory years. What alot of people don't know is that the Briles Era Baylor offense only had like 6 base offensive plays and they ran variations off those couple plays. The key was that only two of the receivers had assigned routes per play, the other skill players were told to find the open space to offer bail out options for the quarterback. Keep it simple stupid and they did. They were always leaning forward on plays too because of their pace.

    The other thing that Briles, his son, and TCU's Meachum, during his first two years at TCU, all did was keep it cool on the sideline and never showed a sweat. Look how chill Petty and Boykin were looking at the sideline for the next play during those years.

    That's a reason that I was a big advocate for Coach Cumbie to go back up in the skyboxes. He's visibly nervous and it gets worse when Gary goes full Coach P mode on him on the sideline. I think a chill core group of Coach Loop, Coach Thomsen, and our new Wide Receiver coach we got from OU is all we need to calmly execute another high powered offense this coming Fall.

    Go Frogs!

  3. Hope your right...Last years key stats were ugly

    Stat and Ranking...
    -Pts/Game 20.9 Rank 111
    -Yrds/Gme 359. Rank 101
    -Yrds/ play 5.1. Rank 94
    -3rd Dwn% 36.2. Rank 89

    Even in 2017 when we won 11 we weren’t explosive. We ran it and protected the ball...
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  4. It may be a good thing if offense can get the plays per game back up closer to 80 than 70 where they've been sitting the last few years.

    But up-tempo only works when you're getting first downs.

    Up-tempo 3 and outs kill the defense.

    So a fast-paced offense really relies on a good run game....because you need yards to keep moving the chains and keep the offense out of 3rd and longs.

    TCU's run game should be a strength next season....so hopefully the rush yards per attempt will be up significantly, because that would help.

    2014 80.2
    2015 84.3
    2016 77.8
    2017 70.4
    2018 70.2

    Rush Yds/Att
    2014 5.3
    2015 5.0
    2016 5.2
    2017 4.6
    2018 4.1

    Pass Yds/Att
    2014 8.0
    2015 8.7
    2016 6.9
    2017 8.0
    2018 6.7
  5. Most early polls are picking us 5th behind
    OU, TX, ISU, BU...The common denominator with all those teams is that they are thought to have the QB position figured out. If you look just at returning production on both sides of the ball I find it amazing how much more National respect Lincoln, Herman, Ruhl, and Campbell are getting then HFGP and Gundy..

    Lincoln and Herman I get because of their programs, recruiting, and fan base

    Rhule I sort of get as Baylor made a bowl game last year and return far more production then anyone in the league..(K-State is also up there)

    Campbell has proven to be a very good coach but he lost almost 47% of his total Offensive production. He has around 65% of his defense back which was salty..

    We all know great coaches are those who can rebuild from year to year and compete for titles. It’s just amazing to me that Campbell is already being seen as that guy and getting a ton more respect nationally then GP and Gundy who have much longer track records..Should be an interesting season ahead

    Final note...Herman is returning less production then anyone in the league yet they are ranked in the top 15 preseason...Baffling

    Let them sleep...
  6. By faster he could also mean not in tempo, but faster as in more certainty, without hesitation. Players do things like line up, make blocks, move with urgency when there is less hesitation and making things conplex adds to rhat.
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  7. TCU finished last in Points/Game in the Big 12 when you only count games against FBS schools.

    I understand that people want to run the ball to protect the defense, but it won’t help if they don’t respect the passing game. In this conference you need to be able to throw the ball consistently or else you’ll just become K-State.
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  8. What did cumbie say though
  9. Fire Anderson and the rest will sort itself out.
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  10. A good running game that generates first downs and also a willingness to go for it on 4th and short. IMO if you’re gonna run hyper speed uptempo offense you don’t punt on 4th and 2 unless you’re inside the other teams 35 yard line. Therein lies one of the main mismatches with GP and uptempo offense.
  11. Briles era Baylor peaked with the Russell Athletic Bowl. If GP wants to tinker with the offensive tempo - which covers a lot of ground as jugband notes - I’m just gonna go ahead and say we can trust him
  12. He can say anything, just as long as he does not refer to the offense as "they"...
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  13. I could do without the Wildfrog next year. Just my opinion.
  14. With Delton, won't need the wild frog. Keep, hand off to Sewo, or pitch it to Anderson.
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  15. I would love to see one formation where Sewo is behind, Anderson left, Reagor to right. Quadruple option.
  16. Yes PLEASE more of that
  17. You have my vote!
  18. you mean the fullhouse t formation?
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  19. But..... instead of using any of the four options, we throw the fade to Barber.
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  20. Honestly, with a full house backfield, we could float a tight end down the seam and the defense would never expect it. Mostly because they know we don’t know what a tight end is.

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