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Anybody know anything about Chase Brice?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. This looked like he posted this in the thread, at first glance.
  2. I will set up a phone interview, vet his references, confirm his potential start date and, then, report back to the board.
    If he is already in the portal, I will have to let someone else do it. As a 1/1064 Native American, I hold the belief that the act of teleportation will cause me to lose my soul.
  3. If the football thing doesn't pan out has a solid future in NASCAR.
  4. Yes. He led them back in a game when Trevor went out injured. Good qb.
    Guessing Brice entered the portal?
    Thought he would stay at Clemson. He would likely be the starter after Trevor leaves at the end of next season. Unless he thinks Trevor stays for his SR season, which seems unlikely.
  5. Related to Ed Brice?
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  6. Oldster here, for show....
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  7. Next guy the board will demand be given the starting job after Duggan's first turnover in 2020?
  8. I could probably try to weasel out and say NEXT year is 2021...but that's not what I meant.

    I'm even more depressed now thinking about 2019 TCU with Buechelle instead of Delton. What a farce.
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    Possibly that Clemson 2019 4* and the 2020 5* recruited QBs may have some say who starts, when Trevor goes to the NFL in 2021....
  10. If he does nothing else, that fact alone will present him with opportunities the rest of his life. They lose with out him that day and dont think they get to playoff.
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  11. :)
  12. Can he play basketball?

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