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Another 11am game....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bmoney214, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. :):) Two thumbs up for pasilla chiles. Also guajillos.

    This year I opted out of smoked turkey and fell back on my personal tradition of homemade chili. I miss the wide selection of dried chiles I had in Guatemala, but made out ok with some powdered varieties. But gonna plant a garden in early spring to raise my own for next year. My own chili and some tamales rojos from Gussie's made this year's T'giving meal a delight.

    Oh...and some amzing fruitcake from Corsicana...
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    I’m in Atlanta so it’s noon for me. I always thought it would be fun to get up Sunday morning and watch NFL. Also I can’t stay up for SNF or MNF here on the east coast since I have to get up at 5:30 or sometimes earlier for work.
  3. Move like everyone else is doing. But just for the inconvenience for the West Coasters I’ll consider advocating for 6:00am CST kickoffs.
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  4. that sounds inconvenient for texans too.
  5. You and I are on the opposite ends of the patience scale.
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  6. I am cool with the 11am start (9am here). I watch in my jammies, then have the rest of the day left. I do like monday night or thursday night NFL games starting early. That is always better than the 9pm EST start.
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  7. Perhaps but it’s not inconvenient for this particular Texan!
  8. Gawd, the markets in Guatemala must have been wonderful! All kinds of produce, dried stuff, spices, herbs...
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  9. Mimosas Or Bloody Marys and football sounds good to me!
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  10. They were amazing... I thoroughly loved going to the markets. I miss living there.
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  11. I went to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and was helping in the kitchen when, instead of a turkey, she opens up a cryovac package of sliced ham. Oh, so disappointed. So the next day I went to Rudy's bbq and had turkey there. Then I was okay.
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  12. Seems like that is something that should be disclosed beforehand. Pretty integral part of thanksgiving.
  13. True but dodged it like a [ hundin]

    Mark Jones, Dusty Dvorzcek, Kris Budden
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    would take beth over mark jones
  15. Move to the west coast.
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  16. The wokeness will be palpable
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