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Alex Young - 6 No-Hit innings vs. Rockies

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by yurintroubl, Jul 7, 2019.

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  2. 71 pitches?? That’s scheissed up
  3. Liked for the post with video and for Young's performance...not for the decision to pull him. Is that a newcomer hazing thing?
  4. making up for the chronic over-use in college that almost ruined his career

  5. We actually have a font for that.
  6. At least give Kaylee Hartung a chance to tweet about it before pulling him.
  7. Are you telling me they pulled a guy who had a no hitter going and he wasn’t injured?
  8. Have to admit that when I first saw the thread title, I thought the game was in progress and AY still on the hill and you were pulling a Kaylee.

    Lots of ways pulling him would be the right thing to do (if he had pitched somewhat recently, not prepped for a long start, arm soreness, etc.). Great job AY!

    Thanks for the post, OP.
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  9. The no-hitter lasted exactly one pitch after Young left the game. Nice job, bullpen.

    The explanation for pulling him is that he had been mostly working out of the pen in Reno and only had two outings beyond 80 pitches all year.
  10. Well, in theory, he could have won the game with 9 more pitches. WTH?

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