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Aledo wins again...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. 10th state title. Most ever with 9 of those coming in the last 11 years. Ridiculous.
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  2. And LD Bell hangs another banner! Choo Choo
  3. FYI final score

    Aledo 56
    Crosby 21
  4. Interesting Crosby made it that far. When I was in hs they were a mediocre school in our district
  5. That coach has apparently been improving them greatly the last two years.
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  6. It also used to be a little bitty town way out east of Houston...
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  7. With his liver being shot, I am surprised he scored that many points. Stills, Nash, and Young must have helped.
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  8. Yup. Super rural
  9. This is as exciting as Alabama winning again.
  10. Less
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  11. From morning Startlegram (Brian Gosset):

    “When Aldo's Ethan McBrayer tore his right ACL in September, it looked like his senior year was going to be a complete wash. McBrayer arrived in Aledo last spring, hoping to become the Bearcat's starting quarterback. He was all-state at Godley in 2019 when he threw for 2,738 yards and 33 touchdowns.”

    Be interesting to know who is Aledo's recruiter, and whether he would be interested in coming to TCU.
  12. They are the Bishop Gorman of DFW. Bishop Gorman is a high school down the street from me who recruits nationally and therefore dominates in every sport except basketball as Findlay Prep is the primary recruiter for Las Vegas high school hoops. Joey Gallo among others went to Bishop Gorman. The thing is Bishop Gorman is a private school so that is how they are allowed to recruit, I can't wrap my mind around how the UIL lets public schools like Katy and Aledo get away with it.
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  13. Why on a Friday afternoon? Ridiculous.
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  14. Should have been last night...I agree. But I really do LOVE the 5 straight days of title games in non covid years starting on Wed morning.
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  15. Not worthy of its own thread but still high school athletics (sort of....I suppose) At least WF has reason for hope in the future....or not. Do wonder if something strange happened to the WF program.

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  16. WF should be W+F, where +=T (Filters)
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  17. Great TCU connection too -- his wife was a trainer for the football team in the early 2000s!
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  18. Wasn't he in "My Cousin Vinnie?"
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  19. Maybe. I know he had two dads though.
  20. Was at the game today. It is getting a bit ridiculous. Ain’t it great!

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