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Alabama has a losing record against 13 active FBS programs, you will never guess who is included

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jun 22, 2020.

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  2. never would have guessed northern illiinois or ucf
  3. I might have guessed UCF. They scheiss up everybody's year.
  4. Wouldn't have guessed La Tech or Rice
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  5. Rice was the bomb back in the day. Google Dickie Magle.

    Not sure when they lost to La Tech. Followed Bama most of my life. Between the time frames that they were not National Championship Competitors they have at times been fairly awful.
  6. Right. The Cotton Bowl was one of those three.
  7. Texas owns Alabama, except the one time it really, really mattered.
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  8. I think everyone remembers the Bama Utah game
  9. I thought this was another one of those newfangled headlines...
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  10. I’m sure Curt remembers it well.
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  11. 4 of the 13 are current B12 schools and none are SEC programs....
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  12. That is striking. I will say that Alabama (like Oklahoma) has a solid OOC schedule. They just added Ohio State home and home. But that cupcake game against an FCS opponent in the Fall is a huge factor in keeping their team healthy for the final stretch.
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  13. that’s what they used to say about us...
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  14. Unfortunately the last time we played we got smoked and a running back ended up paralyzed.
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  15. No wonder their scared to play us again. Cowards
  16. Soo... what's the latest for us Froggies playing Alabama? Is it a real possibility or is Covid politics still in play?
    Sober replies only please.
    Go Frogs!
  17. Highly unlikely at this point.
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  18. Lies, damn lies, and statistics...Check the years when Alabama lost to these schools....Probably most of those games were pre-1970s....Bama today ain't what it was and those on this list (Rice, Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Northern Illinois) aren't today what they once were....TCU's wins were all in the 1950s (21-0, 23-6, 28-0)...the loses were both in the 1970s.. (3-41, 0-45)....
  19. That Shula hire...
  20. Jess Neely had their no.

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