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Aggies have a special uniform for the Texas Bowl

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog-in-law1995, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. And by “special,” I mean...well, special. Good lord, Aggies.

  2. This isn’t a photoshop joke?
  3. Yeah, it is fake, apparently. But having gone to school there, trust me, something like this is possible. You all saw that “thanks for inviting us to the SEC” video, right?
  4. Yep.
  5. How embarrassing
  6. The only thing missing would be leggings with a boot design with sheep legs coming out of them...
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  7. We have a team that wore stuff that looks like pajamas and are making fun of somebody else?
  8. Clearly fake... The real ones would have denim straps on the jersey for the overalls.
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  9. An all-time classic
  10. According to SB Nation (take it for what it's worth), they're not fake but authentic. Click here for ugly uni details.

    Guess we'll find out tonight if this is the real deal.

  11. yes
  12. Check out the headline. SB admits the uniform is fake:
    "These Texas A&M Texas Bowl uniforms are very Texas
    But like Dallas, Texas, because they’re fake."
  13. Why are you making fun of Army?
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  14. The Cadillac Ranch background sells it.
  15. Hey, what's wrong with jorts?! I loves me sum jorts! Not on an Aggy foosball player, tho.
  16. ELsfCYgXsAU2_Wz.jpg
    Aggies been recruiting overseas?
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  17. Didn’t Tom Hanks already do that in Dragnet?
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