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Not a surprise, after using our war chest to keep Eddie and Mike, we couldn't come up with enough $$$ to make it enticing.
If that is the case so be it. Even if we had whatever amount of $$ he was looking for, scary to put $$ on a guy recovering from serious injury.

Still, the guy tore his ACL at LSU, had a coaching change at LSU, and got robbed this week for the second time at LSU. And he preferred more of that rather than come to TCU. Wild.

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I'm a bit surprised that he didn't come to TCU. He would have been a good pick up unless he was unable to get a waiver. It would have been his second transfer. Granting the waiver would have been likely with the Will Wade firing but still no guarantee. Maybe that factored into his decision in some small way.


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There are a thousand players in the portal. I think there are ten on the roster, not including Baugh. Hopefully the coaches can find some good transfers to bring in.

Miller played his cards well. He got recruited two times by L$U. He used TCU to bid up what LSU game him.
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