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6A State Championships...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BrewingFrog, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Can we have the Varner kid, who played an outstanding game at DE for Katy? Oh, and the whole Katy OL, too.

    That was a beatdown!
  2. One last chance for a decent final game among the largest classifications.
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  3. Entertaining so far if you like Offense 14 all still in 1st Qtr
  4. No streaming options. Ridiculous.
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  5. The whole Sinclair debacle is so bad. Hell just make it $5/month for FOXSportsSW and I'd pay for it. Unreal.
  6. My parents have used a pirated service out of Canada for the last couple years. $20/mo. Tried it for a month but it's clunky and annoying so I canceled. Just tried to sign up and they are no longer taking new customers. I have a feeling streaming will be dead very soon and we'll all go back to the way we were in the old days.
  7. The Dodge Bowl is a helluva game so far. Hope it stays that way.
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  8. Great QB play in this game
  9. Go Chaps!!!!


    An Alum, class of 90!
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  10. Westlake starting to impose their will. SLC would need a miraculous 4th. Let’s see what their QB has
  11. Riley knows who his daddy is.
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  12. Sigh
  13. Great win by my Chaps. At least today, Cade Klubnik > Quinn Ewers. God I wish TCU would go after Cade.

    Go Chaps.

    Go FROGS!
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  14. I’ll add the big receiver too #9. Never caught his name.
  15. And the DB who was so good!

    Klubnik made a lot of good decisions. He'd look great in purple!
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  16. Klubnik already has TCU offer so we are pursuing
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  17. Good!
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  18. Jaden Greathouse. Just a soph with offers from everyone, and I do mean everyone. I was a starter last year as a freshman. Was also on varsity basketball as a freshman.
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  19. Yup. He also has many offers to choose from.
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  20. #14 (the DB with the one-handed INT) also played WR some. I don't know why SLC kept throwing at him. #4 was the better matchup to throw against.
    Klubnik is deceptively fast. I was talking to a buddy today that said he runs track and anchored the 4x400 as a Sophomore. 247 says he ran 51.52 in the 400 as a junior, while long jumping 19-10 and triple jumping 41-8.
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