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4 Football Season Tickets at Cost

Discussion in 'Ticket Exchange Forum' started by tcumaniac, May 25, 2018.

  1. I added 4 season tickets to my account that I won't need until next year when I am able to consolidate them.

    They're in 231, Row DD.

    If anyone wants them for the season, I'll sell them to you at cost: $300 per ticket ($1,200 total).

    DM if interested.
  2. Hypocrite
  3. Not an unfair assessment.
  4. Nope. That's actually an extremely unfair and incorrect assessment.

    I wanted to add 4 tickets to my account to consolidate and use in future years with friends and family. To do that, I had to separately add 4 tickets to my account this year after the renewal and upgrade process. I didn't cut anyone in line like the "plus 4" process originally allowed, and I didn't "double dip" and buy club seats and then buy regular seats to sell on stubhub before others ever even had a chance to select their main seats.

    Since I didn't have an immediate need for the seats this year, I sold them, at a discount to my purchase price, to a Frog fan that will be sitting in the seats with his family and wearing purple every week.

    If you still think I'm a "hypocrite" I'd love to hear your reasoning.
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  6. I unfortunately need to sell 2 extra season tickets as well. Will sell at my cost of $770 if anyone is interested. Sect 235, Row JJ, Seats 1-2. About the 38 yard line on the aisle. DM me if interested. Maniac, if anybody else sent you a direct message please send them my way.
  7. Normally a big fan of anything double D but I say in DD at the 50 the first year of the Carter and have been moving down and towards the end zones every year. The double letters are a young man's game.

    But let me do some research on how much I can sell these for on Stubhub and I'll get back with you.
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  8. My son, who is potentially class of 2032, is super pissed

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