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3 point defense

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. We are the worst in the power 5 in 3 point defense. Our opponents are shooting 36.4%. That is good for #322 in the country. That doesn’t included tonight. Is that bad defense or bad luck?

    If we give up 30%, I bet we have 4 more wins this year.
  2. I think it’s bad offense as much as anything else. We hold the ball for 28 seconds a lot but don’t really force the D to expend a lot of energy and run their legs off. Lots of standing around on O gives the opponent the ability to rest on D.

    that and inexplicable switching and help D that doesn’t seem to adapt to the hot hand and seems to treat all opposing players equally
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  3. It’s been an issue since Dixon got here. I don’t think he’s adapted to the new style of basketball where everyone can and will shoot the three
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  4. Dixon’s been slipping for a while and it started several years before he came to TCU. He was the right hire to raise our profile and credibility but we will soon need to replace him if we want to build on that profile. If we don’t, we’ll slip back to rarely finishing in the upper half. He will never have us consistently better then 6th in this league.

    Yes the sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then, but I’d prefer it keep a steady tan. Dixon won’t do that
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  5. Yep, you gotta run guys off three's now and make them drive. Heck, we even have the leading shot blocker in the conference. We should be forcing guys to drive into the paint.
  6. This has been my biggest complaint since he got here. Don't know if it's the personnel, defensive gameplan or what but we give up open 3s all over the place pretty much every game. I think some of it has been a result of PG's who haven't been able to stop penetration which starts the domino effect of defensive rotations that eventually lead to a dunk or open 3. Good defense starts at the point and if that guy can't pressure the ball without getting beat off the dribble then everyone else's job gets a lot harder.

    Whatever it is, though, we consistently over help on every single move to the basket and people know it and expose it.
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