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286 and 303.4 lbs

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Jul 11, 2019.

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    i know some on the board like numbers so i wanted to share a couple after i was looking at the football roster earlier today.

    the lightest scholarship defensive tackle the frogs have on the listed roster is terrell cooper at 286 lbs. heck, i can remember years not that long ago when the biggest frog defensive tackle was near that weight.

    the average weight of the frogs 7 scholarship defensive tackles is 303.4 lbs and 5 of the 7 are listed at 300+ lbs

    i am too lazy to do the research, but i am fairly sure this is the first time in the gary patterson tenure that the frogs have been that big at d-tackle and none of the 7 are seniors.

    granted, they still need to prove their worth and one of the biggest plays of the 2014 season was made by a 250+ lb chris bradley against ou on that 4th down stop, but it is nice to see the work the staff has put in to bring in the talent and the size in the defensive interior and i am interested in watching these guys develop under fitch.
  2. Good stuff.

    Now let’s hear about the O-line & where we stand.... I know we’ve held our own at the size game there
  3. I think 2016 where GA just put their head down and ran it down our throat in that bowl game was where GP said enough and vowed to get bigger on the interior.
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  4. We are massive on the OL..Especially at the tackles
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    In 2014, we had Hunter and Pearson at over 300 lbs. We had Tuaua at over 300 lbs too. But the rest I don't think reached 300. We did have solid DT play that season though because Hunter and Pearson were beasts. If Blacklock can get back to form, I think we will be strong this year at DT.
  6. The question is how big are what at guard. That one season 2 or 3 years back where we were finally able to run the ball was due to us being big all across the line but also at the guard spots and center. If we are big in those spots, I think we will see the run game improve.

    I checked the depth chart and we are not that big at G and Center. Around 315 at Guard and 280/290 at Center. We typically play at about these sizes but in that other season we were over 325+ at the guard positions and over 300 lbs at Center.
  7. I think if we can get better center play we will be able to run the ball. Cordell stays healthy and he’ll be in an NFL camp next year. Last year Hollins wasn’t ready for big time football. He got owned the whole first 7-8 games and there was no experience next to him to help out. The late season move of Gaynor to C made an enormous difference in our ground game.
  8. Yendrey started the Rosebowl and was listed at 268lbs. Oh how we’ve grown up over the years...
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  9. early years in the big 12 they had hunter and pearson so the issue wasn't the size of the starters, but the lack of quality depth and size.

    2012 hunter (305) and pierson (305) were the starters, frogs had 3 of 7 d tackles over 300, lightest was lathan at 270, and the average weight was 286

    2013 hunter (300) and pierson (305) were the starters, frogs had 2 of 5 d tackles 300 or bigger, lightest were lathan and lawson at 280, and the average weight was 291

    2014 hunter (305) and pierson (305) were the starters, frogs had 2 of 7 d tackles 300 or bigger, lightest was henderson at 245, and the average weight was 278.6

    2015 pierson (305) and curry (280) were the starters, frogs had 2 of 6 d tackles 300 or bigger, lightest was bradley at 275, and the average weight was 287.5

    2016 curry (280) and bradley (275) were the starters, frogs had 2 of 5 d tackles 300 or bigger, lighest was bradley at 275, and the average weight was 291.2

    2017 blacklock (326) and bradley (275) were the starters, frogs had 4 of 8 d tackles 300 or bigger, lighest was bradley at 275, and the average weight was 295.4

    2018 bethley (290) and cooper (280) were the starters by the end of the year, frogs had 3 of 7 d tackles, 300 or bigger, lightest was filkitonga at 237, and average weight was 293.7

    one big difference between the early big 12 groups and the look of the 2019 group is not only the size overall, but you have guys who just carry the weight better and move better for their size.

    john lewis is an example of a guy who seemed to be less effective as he got bigger and i think chris bradley just wasn't as explosive at 275 as he was around 260.

    compare those two guys to what we saw out of cory bethley last year at 290
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  10. the interesting thing when you go back and look at the rosters during patterson's tenure is when the frogs have been strong offensively they have had big, physical offensive lines.

    one thing we saw last year was a willingness to move some of the linemen around and i think thomsen will work to find the five best offensive linemen to start the year.

    who that will be remains to be seen as guessing as the offensive line will be in shoes and shirts for another few weeks.
  11. The big late game stop of Perine on 4th down was by LB Marcus Mallett. OU was on TCU 22 yard line on that 4th down play.
  12. mallet made the tackle, but if you go back and watch the bradley blows it up with penetration that allows mallet to clean up.
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    All I will say is regardless what led up to it, it was a one-on-one play with Perine and Mallett. I give full credit to Mallett for going low and stuffing maybe the best back in college football one on one.
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  14. true, but watch a 255 lb freshman defensive tackle take up two offensive linemen with penetration freeing the linebacker.

    as froggish pointed out, in the frogs defense it is the job of the interior defensive linemen to take blockers to free the linebackers
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  15. Mallett did his job. Perine is a hell of a runner, but Mallett is expected to do his job there. Bradley excelled at his job on that play. Had he not blown up the line, Mallett would have been crushed before finding Perine.
  16. Well yea it’s a team game. Bradley did a great job. And then Mallett beat Perine in a one on one do or die play on 4th and one. Something you almost never saw happen to Perine. Anybody who saw it can’t dismiss Mallett as the just the mop up guy on that play.
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  17. I was told there would be no math.:)
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  18. Ok. i am glad I was not just imagining this. It seemed like the line began to gel late in the season and Hollins looked better. They all looked better. Really, kudos to the whole squad last year. For a team that was so injured, it is amazing they got done what they did.
  19. Football is a team game that is defined by a series on one on one matchups. OCs are trying to create schemes to get their skills players in space..DCs are trying fill that space...Mallet was able to get that one on one because of what Bradley did..Both guys made that play
  20. Agreed. The only problem I have with some posts are the ones dismissing Malletts tackle as an afterthought. As in because Of Bradley’s great effort, all Mallett had to do was stuff Perine one-on-one on 4th and less than a yard, as if to say “so what?” Everybody did their job but Mallett is the guy who defeated Perine and sealed the deal. Not a given at all especially against Perine.

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