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247Sports.Com: Great news for 2019 4-star TCU signee Dylan Jordan!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Congrats young man. That must have taken quite a bit hard work. That bodes well for his future under the best defensive guy in the game. I hope that hard work translates to the field. If it does, he has a VERY bright future.
  2. Awesome news
  3. Sounds awesome. Don't mean to pee in the cheerios, but is there really much chance he sees the field at LB this fall? Seems like a pretty tough position to earn PT quickly in GaryWorld. Seems like Ben Wilson was mostly a ST guy last year, IIRC.
  4. Only Montrel will be graduating but we have a lot of very young LBs. It is more for the future getting him in and learning the system ASAP. Takes some pressure off of the recruiting for 2020 as they seem to be having difficulty getting a quality LBer though they have limited the offers so far.
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  5. when i came across his photo this morning i thought it was good news and as i wrote elsewhere it is always great to see someone hit a bump and instead of it derailing them it instead spurs them to accept the challenge and go after their goals.

    he might be a guy to watch for at the end of the year. unfortunately he misses summer conditioning so he might be a bit behind come august 1st, but with the new redshirt rule if he makes the adjustment to school in the fall and gets himself ready maybe we see him play in that 4 game window he would have at the end of the season.
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  6. What is the read on the Harris kid at LB? Was he injured last season?
  7. frogs should now have 5 linebacker who are sophs or freshman and who were recruited to the position and then holmes who converted from safety and is also a freshman.

    ton of athletic upside
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  8. the lb from aledo?

    he did miss a great deal of time last year for aledo with i believe a hamstring, but returned late in the year for their play off run.

    i am sure someone can give you an idea how he physically looks lifting and running around in shorts, but that is one of those positions that until they put on pads and have to start making reads etc....you really don't know what you have at the position
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  9. Yeah, the possibility of Jordan's athleticism at 230-240 lbs is pretty wild. Really hope they keep him at LB and don't try to move him.
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  10. Harris, will be a monster. I expect he will redshirt and bulk up.
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  11. We have a good young core of LBs.

    True Fresh - Jordan, Harris, Marcheselli
    R Fresh/Soph- Ben, D,Holmes, Simpson
    Junior- Wallow

    We have a lot of athleticism in this group. The question is can anyone get off of blocks or can Ross/Bethley Keep lineman off of them. My guess is we will look to add a Transfer next season just to get some more maturity.

    Holmes is the guy who is going to surprise this year..He could have a Wallow like impact. Put him on the field with Wallow and Gaines (when he drops down) and it will be the fastest unit we’ve ever had at TCU. Find a centerfielder to step up and our back 7 are
    going to be an absolute nightmare
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    safety actually projects well with gaines, moehrig, and scott, all they are over 6', weigh over 200 lbs., run well and were effective last year.

    linebacker is another matter as i amnot as worried about how fast the linebackers run at the position as how fast they read and react.

    dawson and mallett weren't going to win any footraces in terms of track speed, but they made plays and both could tackle. best pair tcu has had since they were in the big 12.

    wallow has shown a tendency to over run and not wrap which he has to stop. he really struggled early last year with over running fits and ball carriers early last year and then got moved to safety when that position got depleted.

    m. wilson hasn't played in so long i can't really remember what he brings besides potential.

    b. wilson showed potential in the little amount of time he played, but who knows as he got so little time

    holmes is fast, but can he change direction, can he read, how will he react, will he notice a back coming out of the back field, will he notice a receiver crossing his face on a drag route?

    i think it is not unrealistic to say that we really don't know a great deal about the linebacker position at this time and really won't until the frogs start playing real games.
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  13. Don’t forget Vongor
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  14. Edited to save everyone time.
  15. Not unrealistic at all..I’m obviously speaking on potential as that’s all we have at this point. No doubt the athleticism is there in spades.

    I’m not to worried about Wallow. Most his tackling issues were early in the season when it was his first time to really see the field at the position. He has an uncanny knack for getting to the ball carrier in a hurry and that’s much harder to teach than wrapping up.

    I like the make up of this defense in that it’s strength on paper is in the middle of the field. IMHO Great football teams are built inside out or middle to edge..Ross/Bethley-Wilson/Wallow- Moehrig/Gaines/Scott. When you are strong in the middle you force teams to attack you wide or over the top. GPs scheme typically wins at CB and DE because of the system itself. I’ll take my chances with Gladney, Lewis, and Daniels down the sidelines.

    Purdue will test our back end and speed but I think we’ll hold up well. We’ll see if the defense is any good week 5 on the road against what should be an undefeated ISU w/Purdy.
  16. Hope everyone who talked [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] in the original thread feels a little bad about themselves right now
  17. Edit nvm
  18. Might I remind you that the infamous Mike Freeze started Game 1 as a true freshman at LB, and then went on to have a spectacular career
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