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247 Sports: TCU's Brandon Coleman making an impact on Frogs' OL


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TCU's Brandon Coleman making an impact on Frogs' OL​


TCU offensive lineman Brandon Coleman’s path to college football took a longer route than most players. Coleman, who spent much of his youth in Germany, didn’t start playing football until his junior year at Denton High School.

It was another sport that had drawn much of Coleman’s attention growing up. Football wasn’t even considered.

“I never really looked into football,” Coleman said. “My dad played, but mainly a basketball guy. Never really watched football with the time difference and stuff like that. When I got to the States, I started looking into playing and learning the game.”

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The run blocking I saw Saturday is the best I have seen at TCU in a couple of decades. I have seen our RB the last few years run into a brick wall against defenses no better than Tech's. So keep up the good work run blocking, and improve a little on pass blocking.


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Run blocking has definitely improved, but pass blocking still is mediocre at best. Wish we could find an OL coach that could teach both aspects great.