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247 Sports: TCU legacy Hauss Hejny is a name to watch; hopes to hear from the Frogs

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. TCU legacy Hauss Hejny is a name to watch; hopes to hear from the Frogs


    Last Sunday at Southlake Carroll high school, several talented quarterback prospects from across the state competed in the Elite 11 camp. While most eyes were on the 2022 prospects in attendance, younger quarterbacks also had a chance to shine.

    One young quarterback that performed well at the camp was Fort Worth All Saints 2024 signal-caller Hauss Hejny. The 5-foot-11, 160-pounder had a ton of great throws throughout the camp and was among the winners of the Golden Gun Accuracy Challenge.

    Hejny enjoyed having the opportunity to complete alongside some great competition.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...me-to-watch-hopes-to-hear-from-TCU-164444121/
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  2. "Hauss Hejny"...now I've got memories of Jim Brock floating around my brain...
  3. Why?
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  4. "Hauss" and "Hoss" have similar Tex-Anglo pronunciations. In a sport filled with colorful characters, few matched Brock, best known for always having a cigar in hand and his universal greeting of "Hoss." He was a Horned Frog grad, SID at TCU and later the Executive Director of the Cotton Bowl.
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  5. Holy cow...their kid is now almost college age? Another sign that I'm getting old.
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  6. That was the same slap I felt this morning.
  7. Hoss Brock.
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  8. Aren't there a passel of younger Schobels out there right about now?
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  9. Jim Brock was SID when I was hanging out at Daniel Meyer. When I was a senior, he got me a job as "stat boy" when Connie Alexander did the TV broadcasts.
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