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247 Sports: TCU 2020 Player Profile: Daimarqua Foster

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. 247 Sports: TCU 2020 Player Profile: Daimarqua Foster

    With the presumed start of the 2020 football season just under two months away, we’re going to start profiling the Frogs’ roster player by player to see what is expected of them this season. The players will be randomly selected by the magic of a random number generator (1-100) and will be scholarship players only. The goal is to have all 85 players done by the first game. The next number on the list comes from an offensive player that showed some flashes as a true freshman; No. 21 Daimarqua Foster, a redshirt freshman running back.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/A...hman-running-back-Daimarqua-Foster-149651225/
  2. Foster has the ability to keep on his feet more than any TCU back I have seen in 20 years. Tacklers bounce off of him. This game (against Kansas, late, I know) looked like his highlights video: broken tackle after broken tackle. Love to see him in a game when it counts.
  3. never understood why neither barlow or foster were highly rated coming out of high school.

    both produced at high levels and both project very well in the college game
  4. Foster was a 4 star and rated in the top 20 RBs in the nation so...
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  5. true, after his senior season he was upgraded, but going into his senior season the top two backs in texas and the only two 4-star rated recruits were spiller of klein collins who signed with atm and glass of katy who signed with ok state

    both were backs who made big splashes early in their high school careers, both were the featured backs in run heavy offenses, and if you watched them play a good number of their yards in high school came when no one touched them until they were past the los.

    saw spiller and glass play multiple times and they were very good high school backs and i think they both can be good college backs,

    didn't think they were clearly better than foster and barlow and felt foster and barlow showed more all around ability.

    in the end does it really matter? most likely not, though i do think there are some high school prospects who do get swayed by class ratings and who a school has committed.

    will not be shocked if barlow is the starting back over evans when tcu finally plays and i would not be shocked if by the time he leaves tcu foster ends up in the nfl
  6. I am really looking forward to all three getting decent carries. Foster ran through everyone in HS and I am/was skeptical he would be be able to do so in college, but his limited carries last year suggests he is pretty tough to bring down. Barlow is just a workhorse and I haven’t even seen clips of a Evans but you don’t get 5-stars without unbelievable talent.

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  7. saw evans a couple of times in high school.

    both games he didn't show much, didn't show much, and then BOOM. he reels off a highlight tape run showing the talent

    saw him truck a few d-backs who had mouthed off a play or two before and saw him absolutely disappear in the open field with a jump cut, plant the foot, and explode run that a 200 lb. back shouldn't be able to make.

    he has lt type of ability, but i will same darwin brought it every carry of the games i saw him and he punished those kids he played against. he really caught my attention in the game against east bernard after brown got thrown off the team the second time.

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