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247 Sports: TCU 2020 Player Profile: Atanza Vongor

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  1. 247 Sports: TCU 2020 Player Profile: Atanza Vongor

    With the presumed start of the 2020 football season just under two months away, we’re going to start profiling the Frogs’ roster player by player to see what is expected of them this season. The players will be randomly selected by the magic of a random number generator (1-100) and will be scholarship players only. The goal is to have all 85 players done by the first game. The next number on the list comes from a defensive player that was one of the biggest signings in the Patterson era; No. 9 Atanza Vongor, a sophomore safety.

    Read more at https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Profiling-TCU-sophomore-safety-Atanza-Vongor-149639717/
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    These player profiles Clark writes are great. I forgot about Vongor too, given his early injury. Let's hope he has a chance this year to produce.
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  3. Kid also has a great WWE name.

    I always hear an announcer saying his pre-match intro in my head.

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