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247 Sports: 2021 QB Preston Stone talks TCU offer

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 20, 2018.

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    247 Sports: 2021 QB Preston Stone talks TCU offer

    Greg Powers

    Preston Stone, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound quarterback from Dallas (Texas) Parish Episcopal has picked up his second Big 12 offer this week. First it was Texas Tech and now TCU has also jumped in. Stone also boasts offers from Nevada and Texas State.

    "TCU offered," Stone confirmed. "I won’t forget that when it’s time for me to make a college decision."

    "Being from the DFW area, TCU is a football program I’ve been around all my life. They’re a storied program that always wins. To have such a great program and to offer me this early means a lot to me."

    Read more at https://247sports.com/Bolt/2021-qua...-an-offer-from-the-TCU-Horned-Frogs-115314459
  2. Just a Freshman. I have seen some Senior highlights that don't look that good. If he keeps on developing he will be a real catch in 2021.
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  3. So, anybody lined up for 2051? I'll be 100 then and want to feel confident we have some good recruits in the pipeline.
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  4. I will be dead by then, so no. Actually, my living long depends on transplant technology plus the number of crotch-rocket enthusiasts the next few decades.
  5. I was just kidding. I'm happy for Preston, proud for TCU that he is interested in the program. How about that name, Stone, for a football player who is ready to fight them on the ice.
  6. "They’re a storied program that always wins." That's true for the entirety of HIS life.
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  7. That kids offers are about to explode. TCU has quite a following of programs that just let TCU do the evaluations before they send their offers.
  8. Don’t tell Wexahu.
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  9. The kid seems to have "it". May not be as fast as he looks on the highlights (it's private school kids, and I'm a former PrS kid so I know) But certainly nimble enough to make guys miss and run a little bit. May also get faster over time. Certainly needs to get bigger, but not a problem for his age. Looks to have a knack for finding not only guys currently open, but throwing to a spot where a guy will come open in a second or two. Really impressive passing.
  10. Right now he doesn’t have all of Punters QB requirements but still young. Plenty of time to get in the weight room - gain another couple inches of height and get up to 200 lbs muscle. Sounds like a super kid and great lineage showing his talents already. Will be a great catch but yes, offer sheet will explode.
  11. Not sure what level or how recently you were in Private School, but the level this kid is playing at has some of the top recruits in the area.

    Private School ball in Texas is changing.

    Parish plays a couple of patsies in non district and one in district (like most any school) but the rest of their district is littered with talent.

    The “hard to evaluate his film because it’s againts Private School” line is very dated. At least if that Private School is a TAPPS D1 School.

    Sorry you’re just the most recent one to mention something like this.
  12. Saw this kid twice in 2017 and thought he would be a well known name before the end of his sophomore season. He beat my timetable!

    This one is an absolute stud! Don’t know that he will ever be a true dual threat but he has good athleticism and the arm talent is through the roof. You don’t see many kids his age with that arm strength and even fewer with the elite touch he has.
  13. No apologies. My experience comes from the mid nineties. If it is changing then good, he's even better. I remember getting very excited about another PrS QB and his film, only later to see that it didn't translate to the next level.
  14. If you’re talking about FS and his All Saints film keep in mind All Saints was still competing in SPC at the time which is trash besides Bellaire Episcopal...and sometimes it just doesn’t work out regardless of how good film and competition is but you know that.

    Schools from TAPPS Division 1 actually have 4 of the Top 5 in the DFW Top 50 for 2019. The DFW D1 schools along with St Pius are churning out FBS players. Landscape of Private School football has completely changed at the highest levels.

    Look no further than Bishop Dunne scheduling DeSoto this fall!
  15. Post of the year.

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