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2025 Recruiting Thread

That’s just silly.
TCU has always recruited H.S. at 2-3 avg ratings points behind OUT, and we still won our share of games. Nothing has changed, we’re still a couple points behind in a very “iffy” H.S. rating system where OUT recruits are often overrated.
What has changed is we no longer have to beat big “money whippers“ like OUT just to get to the playoffs.

I will admit they have a massive advantage in signing Portal talent to NIL laden deals. We are somewhat limited to “up and coming veterans”, instead of proven stars.
In the modern era, Kyle Hicks was the first recruit we got that UT wanted. For the next 10 or so years TCU got a number of players UT wanted. Now, I think NIL may be closing that window.

My prediction is TCU will start having higher ranked high school recruiting class with NIL. The OUT’s will not want to waste scholarships / NIL money on a large number of unproven HS recruits each year. Preferring to see all Big 12 players as part of their farm systems that they can NIL whip once that player has proven himself at the college level.


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Dilan Battle 6-4/315 DT from Mansfield Timberview down to Cal, LSU, Ark, SMU and TCU. Set August 11th as hit commit date.

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