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2021 TCU Baseball - who is returning?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, May 20, 2020.

  1. Just curious since I saw that Gene Wood and Humphreys have both announced they will return for 2021 as super seniors.

    Mostly interested in Ray, King and Smith as all were eligible for the draft, and in the case of Ray and especially Smith, potentially decent draft picks. I know the change in the draft probably helps.
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    With these tweets / letters to the NCAA at the beginning of all of this, you have to assume there's a good likelihood of Conner Shepherd, Haylen Green, and Chuck King being back.

    Getting King back would obviously be huge. I also think Haylen is a ginormous asset at middle reliever so really hoping we get him back. Would love Shep back too.

  3. Really liked what I saw out of Wood. Glad to have him back
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  4. Other seniors that are still pending:
    -Austin Henry
    -Hunter Wolfe
    -Dalton Brown

    Juniors that theoretically could be drafted (I imagine very high likelihood all play college baseball again next year):
    -Tommy Sacco
    -Gray Rodgers
    -Harrison Beethe
    -Phillip Sikes
    -Augie Mihlbauer
    -Drew Hill

    -Marcelo Perez
    -Russel Smith
    -Johnny Ray
  5. Are any of the soph's draft eligible?
  6. Good question. I was under the impression they were eligible after their second year, but after looking it up, I guess it's after their 3rd year or 21st bday (whichever occurs first).

    Johnny Ray and Russel Smith were both redshirt sophomores, so I'm guessing yes?
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  7. Smith is and I actually think he is graduating

    he is a RS Soph and draft eligible

    Guessing his decision will be based on where he goes in the draft and what he gets for signing
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  8. I think the most challenging dynamic will be roster and scholarship management.

    I wonder how many players want to return that may not have a spot on the team anymore for next season.

    I imagine there will be a much better picture of how all that will sort itself out after the draft takes place in July.

    Are any current players at risk of losing their roster spot to this year's incoming class?
  9. Say Smith doesn't get drafted as high as he hopes.

    With already having graduated and only having partial scholarship, what are his options for the fall?

    Are there ways to be enrolled in fewer hours as a grad student to help mitigate the cost of tuition, especially during the semester where you aren't actually playing in games?
  10. He may also be able to do undergrad courses using the alumni half-tuition grant. That's what I used for my 2nd BBA and it's the main reason I did a 2nd BBA rather than an MBA. Not sure if they still offer it, but I assume they do. Might be a huge incentive for graduated seniors with eligibility left to return for a final year.
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  11. Keep in mind returning Seniors can keep the same scholarship they had this season and it is not counted against the 11.7 limit, and the roster limit has been waived.
    The worry I have seen elsewhere is that some schools may not want to fund the extra scholarships
  12. Or can’t
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  13. He would become a grad student and get his scholarship lowered to match the reduced scholarship costs

    outside of a few programs like MBA, post grad programs at TCU are significantly cheaper than undergrad tuition rates
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  14. Gee I've missed baseball this year.
  15. Expect every senior to return. Coin flip on Smith and Ray. My personal opinion is that they are more likely to return than not but it's gonna be a really weird draft so who knows.
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