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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. not exactly bold words based upon the last few seasons
  2. Battle will finish QB and a good one. Honig won't.
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  3. Battle is 100% a QB, and a good one IMO.
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  4. 100% that he starts as a QB but I just think with Max potentially having 3 years left in purple he is gonna be too good an athlete to keep off the field and will excel immediately somewhere else.

    Plus...it just seems his lack of QB offers from other schools and the fact the his coaches and local reporters say he is big-time SEC athlete at some other position leads me to believe he is a future WR/RB combo. Plus his delivery is extremely raw...even more so then Boykin's.

    I'd love for him obviously to be a badass QB....the dude has the frame to be a perfect duel threat QB and by all accounts has the mental makeup to be a great leader.
  5. Im 100% a Duggan guy but there’s no way anyone should look at his production and think they don’t want compete with him. He’s nothing more than potential at this point and anointing him the QB of the future is partly why TCU is in their current situation. Load up on talent and if Duggan wins the job he at least has to beat out and a hell of a talent. That’s big boy football
  6. Max’s desire to run and compete will lead to injuries. He has already been injured/congenital issues 2 years in a row. A 2nd QB will 100% have a shot.
  7. sure if his father had taught him to throw the ball away and slide every now and then the congenital problem wouldn't have shown up on the ekg
  8. A fully grown human being
  9. Max hurt his hand throwing the ball, not running, and then the congenital issue also has nothing to do with running.
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  10. You mean that long run he had against Kansas State didn’t cause him to be born with a heart problem?
  11. Seems kinda random.
  12. Not great. Especially if he goes to Rape U
  13. On the positive side.... JC put in a TCU crystal ball for S Lyrik Rawls today.
  14. Meh
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  15. sure joe wickline bragged about all those highly rated longhorn offensive line recruits he helped put in the nfl

    oh wait.....joe didn't do anything, but piss away talent at texas in the offensive line though i am sure it will be different this time in waco
  16. Nonetheless he de committed. Why are you referring to Wickline ?

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