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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Watching Watford/MU. Every time I think of Watford I think of this....

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  2. Quite excited about this.
  3. Did you watch today @dawg?

    Dare I say, “hope”...?
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  4. [​IMG]

    Ozïl played well, Pepe and the forwards looked dangerous, and there wasn’t a calamity at the back. Progress, then? The team is still short defenders and a solid defensive MF, but I agree. Hope? Maybe. Any day ManU loses is a good day. Very impressed with the response after a horrid few weeks. Though, the squad doesn’t look fit enough right now to play Arteta’s style. That should improve as he runs trainings.
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  5. My thoughts as well. You could feel the weight of things lift just a little off of many players today. Need to maintain the effort and consistency now. That second half may have impressed me the most actually. Maintaining shape and composure and really just tightening things up as ManU tried to get back into things.
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  6. Great point. You could tell the good guys were gassed, and I was waiting for the calamitous lapse (ala Leno & Mustafi v Chelsea, which also occurred when they were gassed and hanging on). That it never came, that they maintained composure and held on...that’s definitely something on which to build. Like you said, now it’s important to string two good performances together. Then on from there.
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  7. Liked for this.

    Spurs were a disaster again today playing Joseball, but at least the red devils lost. Darn those guys.
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  8. On this we can all agree.
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  10. I met him in K-Town about 8 hours before he got his face destroyed by an angry Italian. I always loved his toughness. I'm on board with this decision, but I wonder if we may have too many professional athletes in key positions in the federation with little to no experience running an organization.
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  12. He definitely seems faster at this point.
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  13. Dortmund/Augsburg was some kind of fun. Dortmund put on a second half show to storm back from 2-0 and 3-1 deficits to win 5-3. 19 year old Norwegian freak Erling Haland made his Dortmund debut in the second half and finished with a hat trick. 17 year old US national Gio Reyna also made his first team debut for Dortmund today. High hopes for him.
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  14. watched the match and it was a great one.

    favorite part was at the 47 minute mark when richter (?) hits a laser for outside the box to put augsburg and in one of the replay they show the seats behind the team benches.

    the supporter sections behind the goals are full and the banners and flags are going, but 3/4 of the seats behind the benches are empty as people still aren't back from the half time break.

    curious is augsburg doesn't have an in & out policy.
  15. Bayern bosses looking some kinda dumb passing up on chances to grab up either him or Timo Werner. Smh.
  16. Bayern exploding on Hertha Berlin in the second half.
  17. Hoping Man U/Liverpool is a good one.
  18. Liverpool win 2-0. Man U made them earn it to the end.

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