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2020-2021 European Football Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. On this, we can all happily agree.
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  2. Jose Mourinho to Arsenal?! Can’t believe they would really make that move.
  3. Chelsea starting to gel with their youth and look to be getting stronger. With a couple of moves over the summer they could be contenders next season.
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  4. I’m thinking that is just total internet speculation. The club has already denied all that pretty forcefully so I just think that’s the internet and social media doing its usual junk...but you never know.
  5. Right, that transfer ban may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them....next to that Russian buying them.
  6. Yep. That was pretty brutal. Having 2 CBs out for an extended period then getting Boa sent off in the 11th minute certainly didn’t help, but it almost seemed that Kovac didn’t do anything to change tactics, positioning, and certainly didn’t make any intelligent subs. He’s on the hottest of hot seats right now, and if they have a poor showing against Olympiakos and/or BVB, got a feeling he’ll be gone.
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    Aaaaand as soon as I say that...

    Hansi Flick takes over in the interim. He gets a lot of credit from folks for Germany’s 2014 WC win, so I’m interested to see if they roll with him for a while or make another hire this winter.
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  8. Man, that one game aside, I don’t think he really ever got a full fair shake there. You follow them more so you’d know more though. I just feel like Bayern perhaps should open up to new ideas a bit more and they never opened the door fully to Kovac. He’s a good coach, he’ll do well somewhere else. Muller is becoming a problem child at Bayern.
  9. I like Kovac and I think he’s a good manager that would succeed in a club that isn’t FC Hollywood. Word is that he lost the support of several key players in the locker room, and then the majority of the room turned on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true, bc the last several weeks after the Tottenham match resulted in some supremely uninspired football. Makes me mad at the squad as I can’t imagine being a millionaire athlete and just tanking bc I disagreed with the coach.

    The media in Germany is saying their top targets initially were Tuchel, Mourinho, Allegri, and ten Hag from Ajax (former Bayern II Manager)
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  10. I can see ten Hag coming in and using that squad and a mixture of youth to run roughshod over people. He’d be my choice. Will be interesting to see who they pick.
  11. He’s my choice too, but that requires them being patient and waiting until the summer, because I can’t see him leaving Ajax mid season. I’ve got a friend who is related to a coach and friends with a couple board members and players. She said they’ve already contacted Tuchel.
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  12. CHE v Ajax in CL today! Go CHE! Gotta win at home.
  13. That one was solid haha
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  14. Having partied w/ Ajax fans last year in Munich, gonna have to disagree with this one.
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  15. Pulisic with another start for CHE
  16. Here’s one especially for you @tcujsauce

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  17. Well that didn’t take long...

    Ajax gonna make this interesting.

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