2019 Recruiting Thread

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  1. This guy would be a mainstay in GP’s defense. One of the best in the country at LB.
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  2. Glad he was in Norman for that one. We gotta offer this kid. Good lord.
  3. It would be an ENORMOUS commit.
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  4. As much as I’m hesitant to trust the commitment of a recruit who isn’t sure if he’s committing on a given day, yes please come on down. Would be a monster in our defense.
  5. Twitter sleuths on the 247 site are all over marcel, pretty interesting his follows, as well as recent commits.

    Also, Glenn with the CB for brooks. Tmrw night me be lit, woke, and dumb live.
  6. As in TCU, or in general?
  7. I just gotta think Wyatt Harris has told the staff he's coming but wants to look around and enjoy the process...if not even do some recon on other teams.

    Bo Schobel did the same thing...told the staff he was coming but flew around the country a couple times to get wined and dined.
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  8. Have we offered Wyatt yet?
  9. What about Wes? What’s his status, anyone know? I had heard he was injured in preseason practice but hadn’t heard much since. Obviously he’s in line to redshirt but just curious if he’s now practicing.
  10. Don't know if he's practicing, but I'm pretty sure I read that he was on the 2-deep (at Center or Guard) before he got injured. Pretty impressive for an underclassman, so I'm expecting big things out of him.
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  11. I don't think publicly but no way our staff doesn't eventually.

    This may be a case of the staff waiting to offer so it doesn't look to other recruits that's he getting favored treatment early. They will let Wyatt blow up at camps and then his offer will be justified.

    I don't know...just a thought...
  12. I hear ya, but you know how Gary is with his offers... he's passed up on legacies (if you wan't to call the same generation of brothers that) before if he doesn't think they fit his system.
  13. He has a bunch...but from all accounts Wyatt is a stud...the 247 guys all think he's a high level D1 player. This deal here just smells of GP wanting to publicly treat Wyatt like other recruits and offer after a camp.
  14. Not sure what your question is. But it seems that marcel latest follows are TCU related or TCU commits and vice versa.
  15. Yep that's what I was asking. You mentioned his new followers, I wasn't sure if you were saying those new followers were TCU coaches and commits, or other schools coaches and commits.
  16. Brooks has started following several of our most recent commits as well as liked TCU related posts

    He also recently got followed by Hicks and J Rogers

    Re: Wyatt Harris - why is everyone assuming he’s a done deal for the Frogs when we offer? Has he expressed interest in playing for us, or are we just guessing that he’ll come to us based on his brother being here?
  17. Heard he was retired and selling T-Shirts in sizes too small for real men.
  18. Brother(S)
  19. Whoa! This seems like it escalated quickly.

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