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2019-2020 college basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Farmfrog, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Post here your opinions/thoughts on any team or game your watching or saw.

    Watching Clemson play VaTech because we play them. They are athletic but a little offensively challenged. Xavier has looked the part. KU/Duke is a big time matchup that is a slugfest. Texas looks the same. Louisville looks sharp so far.

    The season is finally here.
  2. Florida, Seton Hall, and Baylor (yeah I know) are all very good.
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  3. Tech looks decent. You know they’ll get better.
  4. Ou is tied with UTSA at half in Norman. Interesting.
  5. Kansas loses to Duke.
  6. Big12 recruiting news....Big time commitment for Okie St in 5 star Cade Cunningham..
  7. Kansas had 27 turnovers and loses by 2. Good lord
  8. Poor outing by KU protecting the ball
  9. If we can just have them commit 47 turnovers we could maybe possibly win by 2.
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  10. Haven’t really had much time to watch today but did see a little of the Texas game and they looked the same to me.
  11. Louisville looks strong, I expect Oregon to be really good this year too.
  12. I hope I don’t jinx it but David Patrick’s UC Riverside is leading Nebraska by 15 at the under 8 timeout in the second half.
  13. I expect that Alabama will face Clemson in the national title game.
  14. Farm beat me to it but Coach Patrick beat Nebraska by 19. Way to go Coach.
  15. Okie St opens tonight and it will be interesting to see if the supposed improvement is seen. I’m still not sold on them.
  16. the new staff member seems to have worked out for them so far
  17. I am happy UT got the player back that had cancer and he played great. Good news story.
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  18. Next year they could be a juggernaut.
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    Not only that - he’s ranked the 2nd best player in the country and some have him projected as the #1 pick in the 2021 draft. I saw him play this spring a bunch - he’s the real deal!
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  20. Kansas struggled in the first half against UNCG but prevailed. Duke looked pretty good against Colorado St. Wiseman from Memphis was suspended for about a minute before a court order allowed him to play.

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