2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. What's interesting is that the Js are usually pretty guarded in their optimism. So for them to have hinted at what they did, they must have gotten some bad info or things really did change quickly.
  2. Ha, really?
  3. Eh, Jeremy yes. But if I was a fan of another team, I'd find JG to be a pretty big homer. It's alright, all of these recruiting writers are; just a matter of degree.
  4. JG put a CB for TCU on the Cali LBer whose parents went to Penn State and is named after a Penn State great and grew up a huge Penn State fan and has a Penn State offer. TCU not even in his sights.
  5. GP was/is personally recruiting him IIRC. Never thought we were in it for him. My money is on OSU.
  6. It's all about getting subscriptions. Hamm is a joke no doubt about it but as long as Ags buy into it he is successful. JC and JG dealing with a much smaller base so they turning it up a few notches.
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  7. Still remember Hamm doing that interview with the JUCO kid from Rockdale. He promoted him to Ag faithful big time even though it was obvious he was never going to attend any four year program.
  8. I can tell you right now if JC/JG ever follow a recruit into a bathroom to get a quote, then I cancel my subscription and probably throw my computer in the dumpster, Ron Swanson style.
  9. Yeah Hamm is a joke and surprised he has such a following, except they are aggies.
  10. Will be interesting to follow, seems like an OU lock but it isn't yet clear:

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    Interesting choice of pics...

    DE Thurman Geathers II 6-3/235/4.61 Kennesaw, GA (North Cobb) has an uncle who played in the NFL at Atlanta and two cousins who played at Georgia. No SEC offers yet but a few B12, ACC and B10


  12. Gimme a freakin' break! There are always going to be kids who want to get away from home, see the world, kids who will be drawn to glamorous places like Baton Rouge, East Los Angeles, inner-city Miami, Fayetteville, etc. A lot of these kids and their families didn't grow up in Texas and have no loyalty to the State. You don't see people freak out when California kids go to Nebraska or Florida kids go to Texas. Same situation. Chill.
  13. I agree BigRedFrog. Nothing wrong with a kid wanting to head out and make their own way. I personally think too much stock is put into this. By the same token, we shouldn't be able to land kids from out of state because they should just stay home?!?
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  14. Yep. Don't see Cal sites freaking out over Michael O picking us after decommitting from them. Same with White from Washington, the various Louisiana kids we get, or Ellis from FL. That's just from this last cycle.

    Think UCONN wishes they had Lucas Niang on their OL?
  15. What is the deal with Bradenton Florida IMG academy. The whole team is top 300 in ESPN? You could win a national championship with just that high school team.

    How is Penn State doing so well in recruiting?
  16. Winning
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  17. It's just like that "high school" in Nevada where everyone is a blue chip athlete. I'm sure they learn a lot there.
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  18. Great coach and being really good at football at a blue blood program is generally a recipe for recruiting success

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