2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. Incoming edge rushers! Ochaun Mathis & Jordan Allen join a solid Frog Dline
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  2. Any real chance at this kid? Would fit like a glove into a position of need (if he's a CB).
  3. He is Texas 99.99% and is announcing on OU Texas weekend. Who knows the press and record might give us a real shot.
  4. Just like Chase was 99.99% announcing TCU before the NFL Network screwed up?

    I think that his recruitment is far from over even if he announces a school.

    With that said, I think he will commit to UT on Saturday.
  5. Your 2 sentences don't really go together.
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  6. It’s Jefff.
  7. I know Bryson Jackson is. Pretty sure Justin Rogers intended to as well. Not sure if the injury impacts that decision.
  8. I am rooting for OU Saturday
  9. Have we looked at Juma Otoviano from Martin? Kid looks mega-speedy and would probably be a HS QB turned weapon in a system like ours.
  10. Friend told me he thought he got hurt tonight in the Mansfield game, but not sure about that report. Did see he really doesn't have many offers. Just showing Rice and Army at this time.
  11. Tevailance Hunt had a decent night with 9 catches for 180 yards and 2 scores against Sulphur Springs.

  12. You can get some idea here what Rogers is wearing on his knee.

  13. He's gonna be SO good.
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  14. Most under rated kid in Texas and it's not close
  15. MTfrog5 = Jeremy?

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