2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. "Dr. McFroggin" made me chuckle
  2. There is some movement on Bryson Jackson. Looks like he is committing in a couple of days and a few CBs to the frogs have come in.


    Not sure if he is a WR or DB, but if he is a WR, my guess is that the staff has really soured on some of the guys currently on the roster. With three WRs already committed, if we add Jackson with the hopes of still possibly adding Chase and Marshall, that is quite a few WRs.
  3. Worth noting that one of the CBs is from Jeremy. Also believe we are letting this kid attempt to play baseball as well.
  4. Going off the top of my head the Frogs have 5 senior WR's in Taj, Porter, Diarse, White, and Slanina. Not sure if Walsh is on scholarship or not so that would be 4 commits and still after Marshall to fill in for 5 seniors.
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  5. Remember we're losing Diarse, Taj, White, Slanina and Porter....
  6. Also worth noting that his offer sheet includes Alabama, LSU, OU, Notre Dame, Miami, Penn St, and A&M.
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  7. Will he be a baseball draft risk?
  8. Anything is possible, but it shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Assuming Marshall is going to (or even might) sign here is ridiculous. The kid isn't coming. I don't think even think he's considering us.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Didn't think he was in the same class of baseball player as the outfielder from Chicago, but it does seem baseball likes to take chances on good athletes in the draft.
  11. Why I said anything is possible. Only takes one team to dream a little bit and take a chance on a kid.
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  12. Just curious if you have ever worked as a salesman. The kid hasn't put his name on any paper let alone pledged any where and if the staff is already going by the school to see a certain quarterback exactly what time or energy is wasted by staying in contact? The very fact they have four WR's pledged makes it worthwhile to keep the contact going with him.
  13. Don't know really anything about the kid except a lot of other teams want him, but I hope he plays cornerback. That's one position where we might be a little light on numbers.
  14. I'm not saying don't keep in contact with him, it can't hurt. I just hope we aren't saving a scholarship or making plans that he's coming because the odds of that are very, very low in my opinion. In fact, I'd put the odds of Rogers and Marshall both going to LSU at about 10x the chances that they both end up at TCU, and I feel pretty good about Rogers and TCU.
  15. Which is why I am glad Patterson and his staff are making the recruiting decisions for this program.
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  16. I'm curious, do you have inside contacts with the team? You always seem to have very strong opinions about recruits.
  17. I am too, and I'm pretty confident that they aren't pursuing Marshall with the same vigor as they are some of the kids who have actually said they are seriously considering TCU. I might be wrong though, I'm not privy to any information other than what is public.
  18. Not really. I don't think my opinions about recruits are that strong, I don't know much about it to be honest. I just know that the kid has indicated a couple times that we aren't really even in the running. That to me means the odds of him signing with TCU are slim and none. When have we signed a kid who never really expressed a serious interest in coming here? And it's not like there another year left to recruit and we have plenty of time to work on him, by this time I would think a kid like that has a pretty good idea of where he's going. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong.
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  19. Not saying he is their only target at WR, but there is a certain connection combined with Marshall's own physical ability (this is not a Ralph Jackson/ Greg Townsend situation by any means) and finally the Frogs past history of pulling kids out of La. late that tells me they should and will stay in touch.
  20. I think the rub on here for some people is that you bash anyone that remotely says anything about having a shot with Terrace Marshall - every time. You have made your opinion known, and chances are that you are probably correct. Maybe just let people discuss the possibilities. Who knows, maybe somebody knows more than you.
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