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2018 MLB Thread


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Arrieta is still unsigned, but in other MLB news, it looks like Andrew Cashner got a 2-year deal with Baltimore.


Source: O's, Cashner agree to 2-year deal

MLB.com said:
The Orioles added to their starting rotation by reaching a two-year agreement that could extend to 2020 with right-hander Andrew Cashner on Thursday, according to a source.

The deal, which is worth $16 million and includes two guaranteed seasons, fills the O's biggest offseason need. Casher, who went 11-11 with 3.40 ERA last year, joins a rotation that includes right-handers Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman. The contract also includes a $10 million vesting option for 2020, MLB.com has confirmed.


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Cincinnati.com said:
“I feel good,” he said. “I’ve been ready since I left for offseason. I’m good to go. No holdbacks or nothing. I stayed on my normal program like I have the last four years.”

Reds manager Bryan Price said the Reds wanted to see Finnegan in a couple of bullpens and face live hitters before slotting him in a spring game.

Not necessary, Finnegan said.

“Honestly, they saw my first bullpen,” he said. “I don’t know what else there is to see. I’m here to compete and get ready for the season. The main thing is I want to stay healthy. That’s the key for everybody.”

Cincinnati.com said:
Price also said that this is the kind of camp where pitchers could merely get ready – and he singled Finnegan out when he said it.

“I’ve made this clear (that) this is not a spring training for anyone, Brandon included, to be thinking they just have to get their arm in shape and be ready to be in our starting rotation. This is a competitive group. Lack of competitiveness would not bode well for anybody that wants to be in the starting rotation.”

Finnegan is hoping they measure competitiveness by something other than stats.

“Honestly, I’ve never had a good spring training,” Finnegan said. “If that’s what it’s coming down to, it’s not going to happen. I’m not being cocky. You check my starts in spring training, I don’t have good springs. A lot of guys are like that. I’m going out to compete like I usually do and stay healthy.”

Cincinnati.com said:
“It’s going to happen to everybody eventually, somebody misses the season,” he said. “But it’s not ideal. It’s not fun to watch your team not to be able to win and me not to be able to help them do anything about it. I’m not saying I was the missing key or anything, but I wanted to help and try to help them win.”

“It’s definitely tough, but it’s in the past. I’m trying to look forward to the season."

The DL was a new thing for Finnegan.

“I never dealt with injury ever,” he said. “It was tough. Now, it’s something I’m used to and I know how to go about it and react to it. If it comes around again, I know the rehab and how hard I have to work.”

And, again, he’s confident he’s healthy and confident is his ability.

“I’m good to go,” he said. “I’ve really let the ball loose. I’m going to go out and compete like I always do.”


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With Darvish and Hosmer now signed, Arrieta appears to be the biggest FA remaining.

With the Twins trade for Odorizzi, perhaps that leaves Brewers and Nationals as the most likely destinations for him.