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2017 Football season countdown thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ScottPatrick, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Less than a month away from fall camp and 53 days from kick-off thought we needed a thread on the upcoming season (or not will see):

    From DieHards:

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  2. This team is going to be stacked.
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  3. I agree. I picked 7.5 wins in the official thread but I am starting to see a 10 win season. Our recruits from the last three years are finally going to make a substantial impact on the field and this team could be nasty!
  4. Best Stables bouncer ever:

  5. I agree, coaches may have sacrificed a win or two last season to allow the youn players to develop but think it is going to payy off big this season.
  6. Hope clouds observation.
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  7. Summers really got better on his coverage skills last year and hope to see more this year. I'm thinking he will be a beast this year.
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  8. I don't think I can recall Morriss smile once in 4 years...
  9. Well he did when some underage HS girls bought him beers to get into the Stables. Those wild Paschal chicks.
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  10. Sorry I don't suffer from depression.
  11. Pics or it never happened.
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  12. I think if Kenny Hill is consistent this year, we could make some noise this year. If not, we are looking at a 5-7 season
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  13. BF,
    You stealing lines from The Shadow (again)?

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