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1999 Mobile Bowl - On Youtube

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. I watched it last night and it brought back a flood of memories.

    Went to the game with Dad and saw LT & Company dismantle the number 19 ECU Pirates.

    Frogs defense was stout and loaded with speed.

    Casey Printers was a Freshman but played like an upperclassman.

    Fran was the head coach and the announcers kept comparing him to Bill Snyder at KSU.

    Fun to watch CGP chew out the entire defense right before halftime because they gave up a huge run.

    George Layne got flagged for violating the Marcus of Queensbury Rules.

    LT had a big night (2 TDs) with several runs called back on penalties.

    ECU had come back and beaten a good Miami team earlier that year on a neutral field because of a hurricane.

    Frogs were on the rise and it is a great game to watch mid-July.
  2. I remember Layne’s south of the border retaliation from that game. I believe he had taken some cheap shots and had enough.
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  3. I was there with my wife and 9 month old daughter. A pretty cold night. Hated that their initials, ECU, sounds very similar to TCU, and both teams wore purple.

    They were ranked and favored, but I knew we would win. That's also where I learned that Mardi Gras started in Mobile, AL, not New Orleans.
  4. Was that the game when #41 Brazzell laid the wood to the ECU QB?
  5. Yes!!! One of the greatest hits I have ever seen in person. It was their backup QB and you could hear the hit in the stands. It was glorious.
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  6. For me it was the White hit on Tech receiver. Or Utah kickoff. I believe its the YouTube video is called taken to the woodshed... My two favorite in persons to see
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  7. Yep, they put their backup QB in for an early series. Boom!

    I'm sure it would be targeting today.
  8. One of the greatest hits is one apparently few people saw because TV didn't pick it up. On the final play of the 2002 Liberty bowl as a TCU DB (don't remember who) was returning an interception John Turntine laid out a Colorado St offensive lineman that was chasing the play. It was very Baylor kicker-esque.
  9. Jason Goss???

  10. Hey! No spoilers!
  11. Probably so.
  12. Thanks for the link
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  13. Rod Gilmore makes me want to puke, he was just as big of sack of crap back then as he is today. Glad I was at the game so I didn't have to listen to his weak bs the whole game.
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  14. So I took the recommendation and turned it on. I'm mid-way through the 2Q and the quality of play is horrendous. It's like watching a TX high school throw the ball.

    And I can't even see the football the video quality is so bad
  15. They are some games from the 2000 team posted as well. I hadn’t looked in a while and it’s great to see them posted. Watching LT games brings back memories. Yes the quality of football and video is bad compared to now. It makes you realize how far the game has come in the last 20 years.

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