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1941 SMU at TCU photo

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Wish TCU would do a throwback with those pants. They were a khaki with a thick purple stripe down the back of the leg. You always knew on the movie house newsreels which team was TCU dad said.

  2. Maniac complaining about the sparse end zone crowd in 3-2-1.
  3. So we're wearing our whites at home. I guess LSU got that idea from us...
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  4. And note that this was just one week and one day before certain events happened at Pearl Harbor.
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  5. Well, it was a mostly peaceful day...
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    What is the building at the top? And I assume we are looking to the south end zone?
  7. How can you tell? Unreal how middle school that looks.
  8. Looks like it to me. The railing on the lower boxes looks like the West Side stands, so it could be that the picture we're looking at is a flipped around view, as if the image was a negative.

    There sure weren't many trees around back then.
  9. Has to be north endzone and I'd bet that is a ticket office or restrooms or something. If it were a reversed negative, the visible numbers would be flipped.
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  10. Although if you look closely, there is another set of goalposts up top to the right. So there was a practice field up there and who knows what the building may be. Storage maybe?
  11. Good catch!

    So, that's got to be the north end zone. The building directly above the referee on the goal line looks to be a church. And it's odd to see a hillside sticking up over on the right. Weird without the usual tree cover, but then my days of running around on Campus were 41 years in the future...
  12. The old east side had the same boxes and rails ...
    Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.33.44 PM.png
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  13. Indeed its the north end zone. That flight of geese you can barely see is flying south, of course.
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  14. The hill in the background is the old one I used to slide down, leading up to the old track and practice fields on the south side of the stadium, right?
  15. I think I see the Dippin' Dots location off in the distance on the first picture.
  16. There weren’t many when I was there in the early 70s. Looked like freaking Lubbock, brown grass and all (which an unnamed person known as Mondo Mickey set on fire while lighting paper airplanes on fire and tossing them from the Wog floor of the Milton Hilton). We sure have gotten posh planting flowers , watering the lawns and landscaping...
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  17. Seems that the goal posts are in the back of the end zone, not the front and appear not in the middle, (but that could be perspective). Weird.
  18. Goal posts were moved to the front of the endzones to match the pro game in the early 1970s, IIRC
  19. Interesting, I thought the old school game always had them in front. Thanks.
  20. Judging by the crowd they allowed you to leave and come back. Half the crowd clearly drinking in the parking lot
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