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#11 TCU Faces Notre Dame

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FootballOrphan, Sep 11, 2019 at 8:14 PM.

  1. Dumb. Like baylor dan. Real dumb.
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    Voted for Notre Dame. Go Irish.

    Edit: Please respect my decision, no interviews or autographs.
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  3. Works for me! Miami Fans voted their team AND Florida State out last week. Whatever gets me down to one true team.
  4. Suit yourself. Many TCU fans voted last week. I'm just having a bit of fun, is all.
  5. Have you gone to all of the message boards of these teams and asked them to vote? Honest question, do you have a job? How do you find time to do this?
  6. The OP makes a good case in favor of requiring a minimum number of posts before being allowed to start a thread.
  7. I vote for a rule that requires a minimum number of posts before being allowed to post.
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  8. I don't understand the hostility to FootballOrphan in this thread. If you don't like the thread, ignore it-don't vote. Some people marry into the family but are just as committed. FO is coming a different route. If s/he (probably he, right?) does as s/he says, I say, welcome to the family.
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  9. I don’t think you “marry into” BYU.

    edit...nevermind, misunderstood your point.
  10. Yep. I go to the boards of the teams and post on all of the ones I can find. Yes, I have a job, and it doesn't take nearly as much time as you might think. It's been interesting talking to people in the different fan bases. Each fan base has it's own culture and feel. It's fun, actually.
  11. I appreciate your kind comments, Frogo. I have met some very fine people over the past couple of weeks, and I've met some, er, not so nice people. It comes with the territory, and I knew what I was getting into when I started this road.

    Again thanks!

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