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    YouTube: TCU Fans During the Iron Skillet Game

    fire the propmaster as that is a teflon skillet and not iron
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    OU game - 11am kickoff (ABC)

    first, kstate under their hc has won 3 of 4 against ou and both games in norman they don't play scared, basically out physical ou and have scored 30+ points in each game one big key is they are committed to playing a certain style of play on the offensive side of the ball, don't panic, focus...
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    Is Max or Morris starting at QB next week vs. OU?

    agree completely that max is playing much more relaxed and not trying to force things, but once again, why do you play a guy who has barely played all season now that the games count so to speak.
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    247 Sports: TCU HC Sonny Dykes gets emotional discussing quarterback Max Duggan

    know i am going to regret this, but....what?
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    Re: SMU - Dear AD Donati

    i (aka ecm) am a scheissing dumb [ #2020 ]
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    Escape the Big 12!!

    would? how about did, but the big difference is that on the way out tcu never really confused why they were making the move and damn sure didn't blame the prior conference for their shortcomings texas has felt the rest of the conference(s) has held them back since the 90's
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    The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

    friend who is a management position for a regional brokerage firm in the houston area has been trying for several weeks to successfully fill a couple of internal account management positions for their commercial insurance side. a recruiting firm has sent them some highly talked about candidates...
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    Re: SMU - Dear AD Donati

    even without reading it i am certain you are better off never having read it
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    Escape the Big 12!!

    little know finale to the john carpenter escape triology
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    Is Max or Morris starting at QB next week vs. OU?

    still trying to understand why some believe a second and third quarterback should get a series or two in what could be a very difficult game max isn't perfect, but he has gotten much better and those sacks yesterday weren't all on him. more than once the defensive end was pressuring him...
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    Week 4: Other Games Thread

    ucla v washington will be very interesting this weekend
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    DMN: Future of SMU vs. TCU isn’t set in stone as college football landscape changes

    frogs would actually benefit from all those programs regressing and not getting stronger
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    COVID-19 Threads

    [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ] didn't cover the spread last night is the last freaking straw
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    Who's up for a doozy of a Xi Jinping Rumor?

    recently smuggled out video of the coup