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    updated weights on the gofrogs roster

    Good for Chandler... he got bounced around out there last year during good performance... so he does need the extra wt.
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    Division I council recommending NCAA removes ‘one-time’ transfer rule and have two ‘entry windows’ to the portal

    Maybe we still have a few good years left ... that will resemble the good old days
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    Looking at the most recent OL 3 deep, which will change to some degree, it appears it may be as big a strength as our skilled position players. Do like our 2nd deep players very much... where there are also 2 previous regular starters.
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    FWST: TCU puts a bigger emphasis on special teams in second practice

    Easton Black ... our new secret weapon !
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    So, after all these years of complaining about Anderson, by the forum, we get quality reinforcement by Riley. Anderson could do well in D2.
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    Tony and several of those wide body/Fire plugs, Curly Culp/Ted Washinton/Warren Sapp/etc were successful because they were quick, not fast, but quick! After 3 years, at his size, and Barlow hasn't the feet for the OL, he can forget the Nose Guard position.
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    FWST: ‘Blessings come true.’ KaVontae Turpin joins Dallas Cowboys after troubles at TCU

    Hope he's grown up ... we can see he's put the work in on his skills. It's also time to work on his spiritual self.
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    From general observations over the years, interior DL are more athletic than the OL. So, at his size, if he cannot make a push for the 2 deep by now on the OL, then probably not going to hold my breath that he'll contribute to the DL ... But hopefully staff gives him a solid look in the Tarleton...
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    at different levels...
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    SMU probably didn't have the D depth when the O wasn't performing well... When we went 12-1 in 2014, with our explosive offense... we did give up major points against good teams.
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    Fall Camp 8-2-22

    looking forward to updates during the month on some of our newer player's potential.
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    Arizona is shopping

    Don't think you have to be concerned. The title of this thread, "Arizona is Shopping" ... and there is only one place to shop, that I'm aware of.