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  1. Dadinchucks

    Read the whole thread and my other posts in it. That will serve as a rebuttal to some of what you said.

    I disagree with most if what you said but I doubt my responding to each point will make a difference. If you think this is "good" PR and well-handled, and are actually in the PR business, then you are either biased toward the people involved or just don't have what I would consider to be good PR sense. Just my opinion.

    I am finished with this topic. I am still upset but I have said all I am going to say about Syler-Jones, Chief McGee, and the rest of the circus act.

    My heart is broken over this--I love my school so much. What they did is akin to having an ingrown toenail--bad and painful to be sure--and fixing it by blowing their whole foot off.

    This has been painful to watch but it is time to stop talking about our failures and move on.
  2. Let's see, now. Now that YOU have stopped talking about our failures, it's time to move on. "I am finished with this topic," you said. Thank the Lord! And thank you for giving us permission to move on.
  3. If I parse Dadinchucks' post correctly (and I stand to be corrected), I believe he is saying that there really was no winning here, only degrees of losing. His point was that TCU got out in front as best they could as the instigator of the drug sweep, and took credit both for the permissive attitude of before and the no tolerance attitude of today.

    Ergo: It could have been worse. A lot worse.

    To the degree I buy this argument, I still believe CVB looked clueless and unprepared, and that the FWPD and McGee preened far too much for what the situation warranted.

    I would be very, very surprised if TCU ever cooperated with the FWPD like this again. Somewhere there is a picture of Otter from Animal House laughing, saying "Hey! You *ucked up! You trusted us!"
  4. Or soiled ones
  5. Did a PR professional (dadinchucks) really say TCU controlled the story?
  6. To the extent possible, yes. He appears to be the only PR professional on this thread.
  7. It is really amazing how many PR and damage control experts there are on this site. It is hard to believe that so many are so certain that their ideas are the perfect solution to virtually all of the issues that surround all of this. I am sure that there are a bunch of loyal alums that have already offered their services to help TCU mitigate these kind of situations or any other potential PR problems in the future. Monday morning quarterbacking is so prescient.............

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