TCU @ Cal Game Thursday Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by RollToad, May 18, 2017.

  1. No tv. FrogVision is supposed to carry the KTCU broadcast.

    Darn Cal!
  2. Televised?

    Also, KU just put up 3 to take a 2 run lead at Tech half way thru 6. We need KU to take this first one and end the drama of co-champs.
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  3. No TV? What kind of rinky-dink program is Cal. Might as well cancel the program.
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  4. I've been watching this. Hoping the rock chalks can hold them off these last three and a half innings.
  5. Dear sweet baby Jesus please please please
  6. Tonight's game isn't televised. The other 2 are supposed to be on the PAC network.
  7. I said last week no way Tech sweeps...KU is actually a pretty good team this year. I hope I didn't jinx us.

    On a side note...I had zero idea we were playing tonight.
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  8. It is an odd scheduling. Perhaps someone like Pharm knows why.
  9. Home alert! Tech-Tard anniucers are the worst.

  10. My guess is that it has something to do with the conference tournaments getting started midweek, but I'll defer to someone who knows more than me.
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  11. So much for that lead Kansas. Good grief. Gave up 3 runs and lead without an out yet. Turrible.
  12. Sounds familiar.
  13. That made me laugh. PHARM SURE KNOWS ALL.

    For the record, the games are early this week because conference tournaments start Wednesday. Well, the Big 12 starts on Wednesday.
  14. You take that back. Tech hasn't stopped scoring since you posted.
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  15. RollToad, would you please bless this GDT?
  16. I did in the OP.

    But I'll do it again.

    Darn Cal!
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  17. I darning jinxed us....darn me.
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  18. You sure did. I just missed it amongst the tweet. My bad. I hope I haven't angered the baseball gods.

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