James David 4 Star ILB

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  1. That would be a solid sign. 
  2. Grades. Sucks for him because he's a good player.
  3. Unfortunately his two older brothers suffered the same fate. Neither could even make it through JUCO and both were highly recruited.
  4. He needs a transcript doctor.  SMU has one on staff, so they will likely get him.
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  5. Pretty sad he didn't learn from his brothers.
    Derek David, for those of you who don't recall.  And if the rumors are to be believed its a good thing James didn't learn much from Derek.
  7. The other brother is Logan David who went to Blinn out of HS and signed to play at TAMU.  He never graduated Blinn and not sure what happened to him, but seemed like just a big fun-loving guy.  Taylor Hamm did a classic interview with him that they later pulled and not sure you can find it anywhere, but if you can watch it.  It wasn't supposed to be funny but definitely made you laugh.
    Watching that was one of the most awkward 5 minutes of my life.
    Felt bad for the kid... lets just say all his good genes went towards his physical prowess
  9. Supposedly that Hamm guy from aggy247 cornered a prime aggy recruit recently to question him in a bathroom. Said commit (Parker) was going to commit to aggy but got so mad at the awkward situation that he decided to go elsewhere and became very anti-aggy as a result.
    Some people see the light before they go there.
  11. ...or from his teachers.
    I hate it when kids don't take school serious.  I doubt they have any idea at the time how it will impact the rest of their lives.
  12. They would if their parents gave a crap.
  13. Sounds lime that Tom Gribble new character on the ticket where he sticks a mic in their face while they are standing at a urinal. PRETTY FUNNY.
  14. List of things that can cause a recruit to change their mind:
    -Interview at the urinal
    -talking about them on kfc
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  15. Signed with Navarro
  16. This.
    I don't know... school just may not have been in the genetic cards for these guys
    I don't know anything about them other than that interview I saw of the older brother (the one that Feisty mentioned), but I got the impression that no amount of hard work was gonna get that kid passing grades.

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