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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by roddog, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. My fb question to her: Whats your take on the Tcu situation, did they go a little to far or did they take swift action to curtail the drug problem on campus?

    Her Answer: I think Dale Hansen said it best on the news when he went "unplugged" the night it happened. Don't know all the facts but if this is all about marijuana the real question is was it all worth destroying young people's lives ? President Obama admitted to mj use around the same age. Had he been busted he probably would not have been President. Where has discretion gone ? Why couldn't the police work with the school and address it this way ? TCU is about to be catapulted onto a national stage with their entrance into the Big 12 and our own FW Police Dpt is working hard at giving them a horrible reputation before they get there. No one advocates drug use but seriously ? I wouldn't be surprised if small amounts of mj become legal in this country in the next 50 years. I just hope everyone involved is given justice. This does not always have to involve the legal system. If cops were to set up stings on mj users on every college campus in America there would not be enough cops to do real police work.
  2. Thanks for another waste of two minutes with nothing. Why are you here again?
  3. Couldn't agree more with her. Screw the FWPD, I use to think they were kinda cool
  4. "prominent" and "criminal attorney" ---- very rare.

    Also, presuming it's a criminal defense attorney, their view is often very slanted pro-defendant.
  5. well i just couldnt live without your insightful posts like the: should players police themselves one, thats obviously working out well :rolleyes:
  6. First post where I have ever agreed with roddog. Wow.
  7. and to top it off she is a baylor grad who went to tech law school, hows that for big 12 support for the frogs :cool:
  8. Minimize the offense, exaggerate the consequences, question the policy and conclude the police have better things to do. Your friend wouldn't be a defense attorney, would she? :biggrin: (Actually, I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about).
  9. I agree. I now feel dirty.
  10. That's because he didn't write it
  11. Let's not kid ourselves. Rods SOLE existence on this board for years has been to degrade the frogs. Now that this whole scandal comes out and suddenly he is on our side? Give me a break.

    Either one of 2 things happened.

    1. Admins got enough complaints about Rod being a doosh and told him to stop being said doosh.


    2. He is just starting threads like this right now to get people to agree with him so he can post it some place else and say "haha look at all these idiots."

    I don't buy his new persona one bit.
  12. As usual from rod dog...good post
  13. She is a great attorney, we grew up on the same block
  14. sorry you feel that way, i have been a tcu fan for 30 years, i respect what the frogs have done over the last 10 years, i just dont bleed purple or buy into the sense of entitlement so many frogs think should be handed to them by beating on the talent that resides in the mwc, cusa, wac, ect ect!

    as far as you saying hes finally on our side, not sure which side you mean, you guys seemed slit but you have seen my views on tcus current situation!
  15. Selling x and Coke us a little different than having a joint in ur pocket. I Just wish they would hv been like most schools and bust everyone but the fb players
  16. Ding Ding Ding. Winner.

    Rod's just acting like "a fan" now so he can keep every "drug" topic on the board. He's spent 10 years of his life on this board trying to argue that Tech is better than TCU with an unprovable argument. What happens to his life if his reason for living is proven wrong? He thinks he has an impact on public perception of the school, so he stays on here 24/7 when he see's an opening.

    I bet if you searched on rods posts, we'd see rod has made more than 1 post per hour in the past week on these drug topics. That means a Tech fan is literally living on the TCU board. The guy is obsessed to the point where its not healthy for him or TCU. If TCU were a girl, rod would have a restraining order slapped on him.

    Rod isn't a "fan", he's a creepy vulture who's been circling over the board for 10 years. The guy has insecurity issues that are so painfully evident that I would suggest he seek immediate help, if I thought he was salvageable.
  17. Since you are such a big TCU fan you will wear these if I buy them for you, right?

  18. I agree with her 100%. The real problem is the proliferation of illegal prescription drugs like the opiates and xanax these kids were selling. That [Craig James] can kill you . . . e.g., Austin Box and probably more than a couple of TCU students over the past decade. Nobody ever OD'd on weed. They need to come down hard on the illegal prescription drug trade and leave the weed alone. Hell, I'd crack down on underage drinking harder than I'd crack down on weed. Alcohol kills a helluva lot more people than weed.

  19. Why would you want Roddog to have a matching pair like you? Seems you wouldn't want to sport the same outfit to me.:tongue:
  20. he doesnt wear those around miserable wells anymore, came close to serious [Gary Danielson] whoopings on several occassions :laugh:

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