I Sure Do Miss

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  1. Dwight Smith and Vinny Ascolese.

    Dwight was the most dominant practice back in TCU football history and no Frog linebacker has filled a Frog uniform like Vinny.
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  2. Casey's numbers through 4 games in 2012 were insane. Unfortunately, he never got back close to that level of play in 2013.
  3. Deco Deli.

    And the philly cheesteaks at the old main.

    And send-home.

    Okay, college.
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  4. I have invited him back a couple of times by PM. He answered, but was noncommittal about returning. Perhaps you could be more persuasive?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Those were the best
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  7. Where’d you have Blatz, at the Polo Grounds? Don’t remember Blatz in Texas.

    Rheingold was Big there too...
  8. Grapette and peanut patties
  9. And of course, Schaeffer was the one beer to have, when you're having more than one.
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  10. Thread title should be "get off my lawn!
    No doubt.

    CFS at Eden's Greens and the Greek.
  11. Bacon burger from Carlson's Drive In
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  12. Hamburg Haven
    Opera House

    I’m old
  13. Jimmy Dip's
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  14. Why, yes, the best TCU qb since a couple of guys named Baugh and O'Brien, who turned in two of the greatest seasons ever for the Frogs. But let's pile on him since the team that went to the BCS championship beat us 35-10 in his sophomore year.
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  15. Not piling on him, just saying there's some serious rose (heh) colored nostalgia glasses going on with how this board felt about him...especially in 2008 and even to some extent 2009. It wasn't until he culminated his senior season with perfection in the bowl game that this board came around to universal adulation.

    Perhaps our current QB will get that kind of nostalgia hindsight if he can finish this season strong.
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    ^^^ Would love that last part to come true.

    I was sold on Dalton when he was a freshman and won at Stanford the week after they beat #2 USC.
  17. The performance you describe was only during Andy's last two years at TCU. During his first two years, he was a combination of occasional flashes of brilliance in the midst of extended spells of mediocrity or downright incompetence. At one point, Gary Patterson grew so disgusted he benched Dalton.

    But people tend to forget the failures and remember only the successes. Such is human nature.
  18. Dilly dilly

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