Bad baseball news.....

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  1. Yikes that is bad news. Totally agree with sitting him though.need him for late in the season. Only really good performing starter we have this year.
  2. That's the difference between Schloss and some other coaches not to be named....... many would run him out their regardless
  3. Guess we can expect another article from Keith Law
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  4. Not sure who is Coach Anonymous but I know of very few who would run a kid out there after soreness evaluated on an MRI. There probably are some who would but I don't think I know of any. Probably missing someone obvious.
  5. Cliff Gustafson comes to mind.
  6. Art Briles.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. We don't need him to beat Baylor. Good time to rest.
  9. I will say that shoulder soreness in the short term is MUCH better than elbow or forearm soreness. Many times shoulder soreness can be alleviated by platelet rich plasma injection. Sometimes that fixes it. Sometimes it doesn't.

    But forearm/elbow soreness almost always means Tommy John surgery.

    I will keep my hopes high that we still see JJ pitch again for the Frogs.

    But thank God we have Traver getting healthy!
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  10. This does not sound good. I am worried about the weather. We do not want to start Lodolo and then have the game called after 3 or 4 innings. Then we would lose him for the rest of the series. I do think we have a bunch of freshmen relievers who could get us though a 7 inning game as part of a Saturday DH. I do not think Traver is the answer.
  11. to the CryoChamber!!
  12. I guess Horton crawls back out of the doghouse and onto the mound on Tuesdays...

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