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Your Three Favorite TCU Games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Football, Basketball, Baseball

    My favorites

    TCU-Wisconsin Rose Bowl
    TCU-Utah 2009 College Game Day
    TCU-Oregon Alamo Bowl

    TCU-Texas Jamie's Shot
    TCU-Arkansas SWC Tournament Browder's FTs win the game.
    TCU-Kansas 2013 The upset of the century

    TCU-FSU-Matt Curry's Grand Slam
    TCU-A&M-16 inning win to go to the CWS
    TCU-Texas Super Regional victory to go to our first CWS
  2. Football
    TCU Wisconsin (Rosebowl)
    TCU - Ole Miss (Peach Bowl)
    TCU - Texas (2015)

    TCU - Texas (1986)
    TCU - Georgia Tech (NIT Finals)
    TCU - Arkansas (1986 (listened to the game on the radio))
  3. The ones i was personally at...

    vs Texas 2014
    vs Texas 2015
    vs Tech 1994....played in.

    vs New Mexcio 1997
    vs Aggie (1999?) Juan Bragg game
    at SMU 1997 (Midnight game)
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    Utah - Amon Atmosphere
    Louisville - Great game (crossbar to end the game!) and atmosphere
    Tech 94 - Knake to Jimmy Oliver and Andre Davis smoke draw

    Basketball. 20,000th person to witness Jamie’s shot in person. Best sporting event ever (except maybe below)


    Nolan vs Ventura - third row behind Sox dugout (Nolan TCU coach :)
  5. Football:
    1961 - TCU-6 UT-0
    1961 - TCU-15 A&M-14
    2010 - TCU-47 Utah-7

    1986 - TCU-54 UT-53
    2017 - TCU-88 Georgia Tech-56
    1968 - TCU-77 Kansas State-72

    Oh, and anytime TCU beats Baylor!

    Go Frogs!
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  6. Honorable mention football:

    Tech 2006
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    3. Miami (FL) 17 at TCU 21, 10-22-77, (end of the Shoffner-Dry ACS losing streak)
    2. USC 19 vs TCU 28, 12-31-97, (Sun Bowl, 1st bowl W since the '56 season)
    1. TCU 21 vs Wisc. 19, 1-1-11 (Rose Bowl #2 ranking, '10 season)

    Honorable mentions:
    the comebacks in San Antonio

    Alamo Bowl vs Oregon 47-41 (3 OT) 2015 season
    Alamo Bowl vs Stanford 39-37 2017 season
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  8. Football: TCU v Purdue 1969 My first TCU game in any sport.

    On a personal note: Swimming TCU v Tech 1970. I won the 100 yard free.....which wasn't even an event that I would have normally competed in. The TCU coach at that time, John "Rufe" Brewton, thought that his swimmers should be well rounded, so we never swam the same events twice and never learned what events we would swim until we showed up for the meet.
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  9. Football: Too many...But for pure entertainment, the top 3 I experienced in person:

    1. TCU vs. Wisconsin - Rose Bowl 2011 (nothing needs to be said)
    2. TCU vs. Clemson - 2009 (the rain added to the drama and fun)
    3. TCU vs. Utah 2014 (unbelievable atmosphere)

    Runner ups: TCU vs OU 2014 and TCU vs TTU 2006
  10. 1. The Rose Bowl. No explanation really needed for the greatest sports moment of my life.

    (the gap to #2 is substantial)

    2. 2009 Utah. I still haven’t heard anything as loud as the west side during Tank’s pick-six, and I was doing my part by screaming like a mad man. Payback for 2008 and knowing 12-0 was going to happen.
    3. 2014 Iowa St. My dad died the day before, and watching the team win the Big12 at ACS was very emotional for me.

    Honorable mention:
    3b. 1996 Oklahoma.
    3c. 2015 Alamo Bowl.
    3d. 1992 Texas.
  11. Football
    TCU Wisconsin (Rosebowl)
    TCU - Ole Miss (Peach Bowl)
    TCU - Arkansas 1981 (22 was enough)
  12. Pin the tail on the Zeta.
  13. TCU-Oregon Alamo

    Thread over
  14. Tech 2016
    KU 2018
    OU 2017
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    Lots of really good ones posted above except of course, LawFrog504.

    Football only:
    Oklahoma in Norman 2005
    Sun Bowl USC
    Peach Bowl Ole Miss (proved 'em wrong)

    Honorable mention:
    Texas 2015 (revenge for years of beat downs). Actually, every game we beat Texas.
    Rose Bowl
  16. Football
    2009 - Utah Best home atmosphere I have ever seen
    2014 - Peach Bowl
    2010 - Rose Bowl
    Honorable mention: 1981 Arkansas

    2015 - Texas A&M walk off in the 16th inning to win the Super Regional
    2015 - NC State epic, down 7 in the 8th, come from behind win to advance to the supers
    2014 - Texas State 22 innings in the Regional
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  17. Football-
    1- Rose Bowl
    2-At Boise 2011. (Hasn’t seen this mentioned yet) We were 14 point dogs and went up there with a mentality that we were going to drink every beer in Boise and just enjoy the game.

    Casey played the game of his life and the Boise fans were the nicest bunch I’ve ever dealt with.

    3- Peach Bowl- starting the S-E-C chant after they kicked a field goal to make it 42-3 took away a little bit of the sting of going #3 to #6.
  18. Football:
    Rose Bowl
    Boise State, beating them on the blue turf with Casey Pachall
    Beating Baylor in the rain in the last game vs Briles ( which also happens to be the last game my dad and I got to attend together)

    The woo game (22 innings)
    The game vs Aggy when we went to Omaha after Boomer White transferred
  19. Football
    #1. Rose Bowl (Gary if you're reading this, let's do this type of game again in Atlanta or Glendale this year in the CFP playoff semifinal. You have the pieces on this team to do it again, no mercy, just mow the competition down with your D and run the ball and throw to Reagor.)
    #2. 2009 Utah home game (The Carter at its loudest.)
    #3. TCU at Boise State, I was there. Pachall's best game.

    Honorable mention:
    Alamo Bowl vs Oregon (Lesson, never, ever give up.)
    First game at West Virginia, it was freezing, and the Frogs scored the double reverse in front of the few TCU fans that were there to win the game like in double overtime.
    Beating #4 OU in The Carter as the Sooners were throwing into the endzone to win the game and the Sooner player caught it out of bounds in the back of the endzone.
    Beating Art Briles in his last game vs Gary at The Carter. Revenge was served up cold that night.
  20. I’ll do just regular season for football to take out Peach and Rose.

    2014 at Texas. What a fun beat down in Austin.

    2009 Utah. Stadium had more than what was announced and 95% of it was purple. Will never have that again.

    2006 Tech. Holding Tech to 3 was fun with all the Tech fans looking like they just saw a ghost
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