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USC goes down

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That ohio state will pass us and have a rematch with Michigan if we lose tomorrow.
An idle, one-loss, non-champion will jump not to four but to three? All so TV can have a ….rematch?

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We should be wanting to win the Big 12 now, period. The other comes later. Just do your jobs, Frogs. Think about the other stuff next week.

But wow, Utah beat the bejeezous out of SC.o_O

Long story short: Just Win!
AND....Do everything possible to get big "MAX STATS" (for the Heisman vote.)

Baltimore on Wednesday, NYC on Saturday. TCU "TROPHY WEEK!"


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I absolutely did not want USC to lose and pave the way for Ohio State, exactly what the committe wanted. The way I see it, no matter who won tonight, we have to win tomorrow to eliminate any doubt, and we will. I know logically we should still be in, but we don't get the benefit of losing a game.

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USC got exposed is what happened. They finally played a real team.
Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!