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Tickets for Big 12 Championship game?


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Sec 303 row 15

Also said to check back 48 hours before the game to download tickets. No mobile passes available.
What’s your rank?

Mine is 1,000 and I got 221. I despise endzone seats so I sold them for a loss and will be looking for better seats. Would have much rather had yours.

Frog Brother

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I got the email today.. Mine are in section 414. They were $95 apiece. The only redeeming value is we are on the 40 yardline and I assume we are sitting with other TCU season ticket holders.


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Are we all in agreement that our online ticketing/account system is garbage? Trying to find anything is like Clark Griswold getting stuck on a roundabout. There's Big Ben...Parliament.
FWIW, there’s basically one vendor/ticketing platform that does nearly every D1 college. It’s garbage, the company is garbage, etc., but there’s no competition in the market.


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Compared to last time we were in Champ game, this time i got trash tickets. Last time were in sec 236 ranked about 1950, this time sec 323 (EZ) ranked 2200. Keep telling myself never to buy through ticket office for bowl type games, but i keep hoping things will change one day.