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TCU v KU game thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. Samuel is so soft and the team bball IQ is low
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  2. Special ed
  3. At this point Dixon is stealing money. Weird that a guy who tried to leave and was held hostage would continuously put a [ #2020 ]ty product on the court.

    adjd (no caps for this bum) can share an Uber with him on their way out of town.
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  4. I'm not going to disagree with you but I'd suggest firing 90% of these players and 100% of the assistant coaches as well. Have no idea what our team GPA is but might replace the tutors and the training staff. The level of effort expended suggests to me that this program needs a complete reset.
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  5. Very low.
  6. I am sorry but the coaching is piss poor for TCU. Absolute garbage, like they never practice. We had more turnovers then shot attempts in the second half, unreal. There are 3-4 guys on this team that look like power five level players, we need to recruit a hell of a lot better. Why is the hell is Kevin getting the ball at the top of the key, they know they don’t have to cover him which gives the defense another defender. The last time we were decent we had Vlad who was a threat to shoot out there. Maybe we get a big that can shoot if we are going to run that high pick and roll where the big stays out. They gave TCU this game and we were to [ #2020 ]ty to take it.
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  7. Time to go watch the stars
  8. 8 other big xii teams would be up by DD....
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  9. Leave this fool on the tarmac, I’m sorry but I’m done.....
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  10. TCU has never been very good at basketball but this program is an embarrassment.
  11. TCU Basketball is back!
  12. Our offense is like our football offense, there seems to be no direction or plan at all. It's just street ball every possession, each player for himself, no cohesion or unity or synergy.
  13. Could the faculty senate vote for the remo of Jamie Dixon?
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  14. No Lance Blanks RJ isn't too good of a player to not make a lazy turnover.
  15. I feel like we are closer to losing to Morningwood again than we are to winning an ncaa tourney game
  16. Could be used as a Recruiting tactic if spun the right way. Sort of a socialist-type of offense. Workers play for themselves
  17. 22 turnovers... by my calculation this has been a 66 possession game, that's turning the ball over every 3 trips down the court
  18. Perhaps only one to 50
  19. Idk man. I just for some reason am not too worked up about losing to a team in a place where they RARELY lose after a bunch of blowouts. We do look tired. Makes me wonder how covid really has effected this team. After 3 20+ point losses, this is about all I expected.

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